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Essay Instructions: HW 205 UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT

Choose one of the following: Vitamin A, D, E, or K, and write a 2?3 page report discussing the main points of your chosen vitamin that you found when completing your research. Support your statements with information from at least one research article, found in the Kaplan Library or a reputable journal. In addition, you are welcome to supplement with information from your course texts. What are your thoughts on the material presented? Please include proper referencing (APA style) and format in both the body of the paper and in the references section. (70 points)


Your answer should be at least one paragraph for each question answered and thoroughly address the topic. (30 points)


Felicia has been feeling tired recently. Her friend sells vitamin supplements through an online company, and she suggested Felicia start taking their energy formula to help her feel better. Felicia is interested, but she asks her friend to send her some information about the supplements before she buys them.

What should she look for to help her evaluate the supplements?
The Supplement Facts panel includes the following information for vitamins:
Serving Size: 2 caplets
Amount per serving % Daily Value
Vitamin A 5000 IU 100%
Vitamin C 200 mg 333%
Vitamin D 600 IU 150%
Vitamin E 30 IU 100%
Vitamin K 80 mcg 100%
Thiamin 50 mg 333%
Riboflavin 50 mg 2941%
Niacin 50 mg 250%
Vitamin B6 150 mg 7500%
Folic acid 600 mcg 150%
Vitamin B12 12 mcg 200%
Biotin 300 mcg 100%
Pantothenic acid 20 mg 200%
If Felicia took 2 caplets per day, the recommended dose, is she likely to encounter any problems? If so, what problems might she encounter and which nutrients may cause them?


Fred is 69 and has always considered himself to be very healthy. He takes pride in the fact that he eats well and keeps physically and mentally fit with various voluntary activities in the community. Recently, his family has noticed that he seems rather lethargic, less coordinated than usual, and even a bit confused. He seems too young to be experiencing age-related cognitive deficits, so they are encouraging him to visit his doctor.

Which vitamin deficiency could cause Fred's cognitive problems? Why might he have developed this deficiency even though his eating habits have not changed?
What could Fred do to reverse his deficiency?

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Essay Instructions: SCI/220 Human Nutrition

Vitamin Case Study:

Consider the following scenario:

In the winter, Max is plagued with one cold after another. He generally does not take vitamin supplements but decided to explore the possibility of taking a vitamin C supplement to decrease the number of his winter colds.

Max began by completing a literature search, which revealed approximately 60 recent articles.

He selected the following two:

Study One: A double-blind study in which a control group of 50 individuals receiving a placebo was compared to an experimental group receiving a supplement of 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day for 4 months. Participants did not change their diet during the study. Each study participant recorded the appearance and disappearance of cold symptoms for the duration of the study. The results indicated no difference between the two groups regarding the number of colds they experienced.

Study Two: A double-blind study occurred in which 20 study participants were housed for 2 weeks in the metabolic ward of a nutrition research center. Ten received a placebo, and 10 received a supplement containing 1,000 mg of vitamin C. All subjects consumed the same amount of dietary vitamin C and spent 4 hours in the same room with an individual with a cold. The appearance, severity, and disappearance of cold symptoms were monitored by a physician. Results indicated that there was no difference between the vitamin-C group and the control group in terms of disappearance of cold symptoms; however, the vitamin-C group had milder colds that disappeared more rapidly.

Study One

Was Study One well controlled? Why or why not?

What does double blind mean?

Based on the results of this study, do you think Max should take a vitamin C supplement during the winter months? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Study Two

Was this study well controlled? Why or why not?

Based on the results of this study, do you think Max should take a vitamin C supplement during the winter months? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Conclusion: Max decides that vitamin C might make his winters more pleasant, but he decides first to try to increase the vitamin C content of his diet. Address the following points:

What would Max have to eat to consume 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day in his diet?

Is this consumption practical every day? Why or why not?

Also complete the following :

Examine the importance and applicability of concepts to society in general.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Complementary and Alternative Medical Methods Autism Spectrum Disorders Eating Habits and Mealtime

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1233 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Research Proposal, question: In what ways do complementary and alternative medical methods provide permanent treatment alternatives for autistic behavior in children (ages 3-8)?

Gaps/Problems: not evidence based, gastro issues in autistic children, do dietary supplements or specific foods trigger/attribute to behavioral patterns?

Key Words: Autism Spectrum Disorders, complementary and alternative medical methods (CAM), gastrointestinal issues, gluten-free and casein-free diets, vitamin supplements, "opioid-excess therapy", autistic behavior

Focus: to identify CAM that have been presented as a treatment option for behavioral patterns and brain development

Introduction: Complementary and alternative medicine therapies have been identified as medical practices, and products that have not been considered clinical effective (Wong, 2006). These therapies can include Gluten-free and casein- free diets, Vitamin supplements, acupuncture etc. Children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder face many difficulties, as well as their parents, when it comes to eating habits and mealtime. Some of the behavioral issues and symptoms that present in children with autism make it hard for a child to eat regularly, maintain a consistent diet, and frustrating for parents to fully understand. Unfortunately, the professional help and access is limited and it leaves many parents left in frustration and agony. When mealtime with autistic children is challenging a lot of parents are turning to preventive method or treatment options out there in exchange for a healthy and satisfied child. Many parents are turning to complementary and alternative medical methods for not only relief during mealtime but for treatments methods in their child?s behavior and brain development.

Method: Qualitative, observation, groups: children 3-8, geographic location, social economical environment, living with both parents, race specific, gender specific

Ethical Concerns: PARENTS, lack of studies create lack of evidence, complex disorder, treatment methods will work for some and not others

Anticipated Results: lack of empirical support due to adverse consequences, gluten-free and casein free, environment

Audience: parents, physicians, teachers, nurses and midlevels


CDC (Centers for Diseases and Prevention)

Goldrosen, Martin H., Straus, Stephen E., Nature Reviews Immunology :4, 912-921 (November 2004) doi:10.1038/nri1486

Moore, E. Crook, T. James, J, Gonzales, D, Hakkak, R (2012). Nutrient intake among children with autism. J Nutr Disorders Ther 2:115. doi:10.4172/2161-0509.1000115

Mulloy, A, et al. Gluten-free and casein-free diets in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders (2009). doi:10.101016/j.rasd.2009.10.008

Wallace, L. (2009). What?s scoop on autism spectrum disorders and nutrition. The Exceptional Parent: 39, 2-28.

Wheeler, M. (2004). Mealtime and children on the autism spectrum: Beyond picky, fussy, and fads. The Reporter, 9 (2), 13-19.

Wong, H. Smith, R. (2006). Patterns of complementary and alternative medical therapy use in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. J Autism Dev Disord: 36, 901-909. doi:10.1007/s10-0.

** this does not have to be an actual preformed research paper, only a proposal and gathered information

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Title: Biology short essays: pregnancy, stem cells

Total Pages: 2 Words: 641 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 2 essays to be written.

Reproduction and Development:
Essay #1 (50 points)

Zoey arrived at the hospital in labor with contractions only a few minutes apart. She was
a little nervous, but was coping well with the discomfort of the contractions. From the start, she
had prepared as best as she could for pregnancy and labor. Zoey had talked with her doctor
before even becoming pregnant and had made adjustments to try to create a healthy environment
for her baby. She took special vitamin supplements, ate a healthy assortment of foods, and stayed
away from alcohol and cigarettes. While Zoey maintained those good habits throughout her
pregnancy, she remembered her doctor said those steps were especially important during her first
trimester, as that was a critical time of development for her baby.
Now that the time to have her baby had arrived, Zoey was very happy she had done
everything she could to keep her baby healthy. It was only a matter of time before her baby
would be in her arms! Unfortunately, although her baby seemed to be handling labor quite well,
the doctor found that Zoey was not progressing as she had hoped. Zoey had been laboring for
many hours but did not appear to be getting any closer to delivering her baby. The doctor
decided to give her a drug called Pitocin. She explained that Pitocin is a synthetic form of the
hormone oxytocin, and it could help her labor move forward more quickly. Thankfully, the
Pitocin was helpful in Zoey’s case, and her labor progressed rapidly after the drug was
administered. Soon, she felt a gush of water, and the doctor found that she was ready to deliver.
Now Zoey pushed with her contractions and, after another hour, the doctor delivered a healthy
boy. Though exhausted, Zoey was in awe that she could finally hold her baby.

1. Why did Zoey’s doctor warn her to be especially careful about eating well and avoiding
alcohol in her first trimester? From a physiological perspective, what is so important about that
time period?
2. Explain why giving Pitocin to Zoey helped to speed up her labor.
3. What membrane broke when Zoey felt a gush of water, and how did that membrane form?

Essay #2: (50 points)
Many scientists think that fetal tissue transplants offer great potential for treating Parkinson’s
disease, epilepsy, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and spinal cord injuries. Why might tissues
from a fetus be particularly useful for replacing diseased or damaged cells in patients with such
conditions? Some people would allow only tissues from miscarriages to be used in fetal
transplant research. However, most researchers prefer to use tissues from surgically aborted
fetuses. Why? Explain your position on the controversial issue.
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