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Essay Instructions: I am using the text Pamela a Virtue Rewarded written by Samuel Richardson. This is a book where letters are sent back and forth to parents and brothers and so forth. I want to start at the beginning and make everything a phone text messages from smiley face to frowney faces and yo peace dude. obviously each letter will be shorter for it becomes a phone text message. The real deal. Keep doing this until you reach 5 pages and the last two is something different. That is why the letters will be much shorter for they are written in text messages back and forth such as TTYL-talk to you later. I need this done for five pages. Make it fun for that is what I want it to be is fun. So you must do this until you reach 5 pages. Please use real text messages to r u funny? or things that are said in a certain way and it should come accross a little funny. The last two pages however of the 7 pages is . Using an approach like Lauren Myracle?s in ttyl, you might rewrite a section of
Pamela as a series of phone texts rather than letters. You need not write fiction: you might opt to take a less Remember this last two pages of the 7 are the hardest for we must back up what we did. But when you are making the letters into text messages be really clear and a little funny.
Remember out of the seven pages the last two must be clear on why we chose this or because the novel is a bit dry but it must be two pages out of the seven.

You are welcome to experiment with the format of your document. For example, you might present in anyway you want. I give an example but if not use your own for I am okay with that. I would like it a little comedy that in the 18th century we can make letters into texts

which you?re conversing.
PLEASE THIS IS THE LAST TWO PAGES Please also submit a one- to two-page explanation of what you aim to accomplish USING TEXT MESSAGES.
clarify, I will summarize: please submit a four- to five-page composition and also a one- to two-page
explanation of that composition. To explain how your work converses with an eighteenth-century text,
consider drawing upon a particular author?s definition of conversation?the last two pages need to be a written composition as to why I chose to do this or why I chose to use text messages or anything you might like as to why we did what we did. That is the last two pages, it is just saying why we chose to do the way we do. If you have any questions let me know. The hard part will be the last two pages as to why we chose to do what we chose to do. Why we did it and were we making it a little comedic for it was dry reading.

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