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Title: Virtue Ethics

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1316 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a succinct essay that illustrates all the main ideas for the theory ( virtue ethics) chosen. Do not use examples or situations. Do not forget to mention the good, bad, pro, con, authors, etc in essay.

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Title: Virtue Ethics

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2341 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Structure: Once you pick a debate, you should begin by exploring the relevant readings until you think
there is an explicit reason for favoring one position over the others. Then, in your paper, you should
summarize your understanding of what’s at stake, and provide an argument in support of the position you
favor, or against the alternatives. Your argument can take one of many possible forms:

• You can provide a novel defense of a position against an objection that is standardly considered

• You can present a series of hypothetical examples, and then explain why you think they provide
support for, or counter-examples against, one of the positions.

• You can advance an original argument in favor of a position;

• You can develop an argument challenging an implicit, underlying assumption of the debate, and then
elaborate a new, unexplored position that only looks theoretically attractive once the assumption is

• You can reformulate an existing objection to a position in a way that you think overcomes one or
more of the replies that have been presented against it;

• You can distinguish two versions of a position that you think are often conflated, and then explain
why the arguments in favor of one version don’t suffice to support the other (or why the objections to
one version don’t suffice to undermine the other.)

• And so on.


Are the Virtues the Proper Starting Point for Ethical Theory?: Summarize the debate, identify the key
issues, and then present an argument in for or against one of the positions.

• Hursthouse, “Are virtues the proper starting point for morality?”*
• Driver, “Virtue Theory.”*

Please quote! and use proper MLA format. Also a bibliography page. Feel free to include any other sources that would of course strengthen the argument. I provided two if you can include two more!
thank you

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Essay Instructions: Subject= Ethics.
Instructions= One of the main differences between virtue ethics and deontology is that the former emphasizes the importance of virtues, or moral character, while deontology emphasizes duties and rules. Suppose it is obvious that someone in need should be helped. A deontologist will point to the fact that, in helping someone in need the agent will be acting in accordance with moral rule such as " Do unto others as you would be done by " and a virtue ethicist to the fact that helping the person would be charitable or benevolent. Which is the better way to think about what ought to motivate our moral actions and why? In giving your answer, you might think about the nature of moral motivations, intentions, etc. and their value relative to the importance of thinking about morality in terms of principles or rules that should be followed. Keep in mind that your main purpose in the essay is to defend your claims. So, if you think the virtue ethicist is right to emphasize the importance of character over duties, you need to explain why that is. What is it about character that is more morally valuable then duties,rules,principles,etc.? This is an argumentive paper and not a research paper. That is, your main challenge is to develop an argument to show why the view you defend is right. Include enough descriptive material to show that you understand the main ideas of these two theories but be sure not to let material dominate the paper. Be sure to leave enough space (roughly 2/3 of the paper) to develop your argument. The paper should be 750-1000 words (roughly 3-5 double-spaced pages). Paper should include a tile(that says something about the main topic or thesis of the paper), page numbers.

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Title: Virtue Ethics

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1833 References: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Paper must argue why Virtue Ethics is the most plausible moral theory. It should not include any references to any other moral theories. It should include a proclamation and explaination of virtue ethics, any moral principles that follow from the standard, duties, and concrete application (case studies/problem areas.)
It needs:
Define Key Terms (moral standard, moral principle, etc)
It needs to somehow fit the moral list into the paper, for example: After reviewing my moral list respect is one of the words on there that goes along with this theory. It does not need to have every word from the list mentioned, just a few.
Voting criteria
Objections/Weaknesses with this theory
This is an opinionated paper, so use the word I in it.
I also need 2 additional references besides the information I am sending you, the references cannot be websites. They must be either books or articles from periodicals. If you cite anything from the material I am sending you, just put the page number in parentheses after it.
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