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Title: NOVELS Barchester Tower Great Expectations and Villette

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Essay Instructions: hi there.. here's the task..

Write a these driven essay of approximately 1500 words in which you discuss one of the dualisms from the following list, as manifasted in 2 of these 3 novels: Barchest Towers, Great Expectations, and Villette. Your preliminary thinking should have two stages. First, think about the dualism you are proposing to explore for each author: does the author make this duality explicit in his/her work, or is it implied? Does s/he name it? Is it a dichotomy or some other kind of pairing? How does this author's exploration of this concept help further or communicate the themes of his/her work? Is the author's treatment of this duality consistent, or is it contradictory at any points? If so, how and why? Second: once you have some clear ideas about each author, then (and only then) think about the connections or links between them. How do these 2 authors' views differ, and how are they the same? Is there some way to account for these similarities or differences? How do these differences or similarites help us understand better what each author is trying to communicate? You need NOT answer all of these "sub-questions", they are given here as prompts to get your thoughts flowing.

as you plan your essay, please keep the following advice in mind:
1. Make sure your essay has a clearly articulated thesis statement.
2. Make sure you consider, and describe, why the issues you dicuss are important to the themes of the writings you analyze. Description or summary of the texts is not adequate-you must explain why the issues you discuss lead us to a better understanding of the literature.
3. Make sure you support your assertions with specific evidence from the texts: direct quotes, paraphrases, examples, etc.

Choose ONE of the following oppositions, and dicuss how it operates in EXACTLY TWO of the three novels:

-nature and nurture (inherited vs. acquired charactersitics)
-progress and tradition
-chance and fate/distiny
-activity and passivity
-nature and art
-reason and passion/emotion
-public and private
-chaos and order
-free will and dterminism

i have to hand in my copy by monday so can you make sure you have your completed version emailed to my by sunday night! please and thank you

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Title: Gender and sexuality in society in the works of Charlotte Bronte

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Essay Instructions: Length: 12 pages

Topic: Analyze gender and sexuality in relation to society in the novels "Jayne Eyre" and "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte.

Requirements: The paper style and quotations must be in MLA format.

In addition to the novels Jayne Eyre and Villette, the paper must use at least one other primary source and at least three other secondary sources.

Close reading must be given to any quotation used, and a copy of the page the quotation appears on must be included for all quotations.

Primary sources include statistical data, historical documents, and works of literature or art. Secondary sources are books and articles about political issues, historical events, scientific debates or literary works.

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Title: everyday urbanism

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Essay Instructions: Hello,
I have ordered alot of papers from your website.
The last paper i ordered with the same topic at around two weeks ago but i received a failing grade. I need for someone to do this work professionally. If the writer has any questions regarding what to do i want them to contact me so i can better assist them. the writer last time didn't ask me questions and wrote something totally horrible and not consistent of what i needed and asked for. I can send you the paper that one of the writers has sent me last time. I will also send you an example of how the footnotes need to be because they were not correct last time.

this is my question:
Margaret Crawford writes that everyday urbanism is the way that people adopt and adopt places for emerging needs, particularly for community events for example markets,festivals and demonstrations.How do these ideas relate to the strategies of Ecological Urbanism described by Mostafavi?Describe an example of Architecture designed to adapt to many sorts of casual events.
I will send you 2 sources that you need and just use these sources and for example i recommend you to research Bernard Tschumi's Parc de la Villette. His proposal defies all the preconceptions of an urban park that a visitor may have, questioning the XIX century model of the parisian parks that were designed to be reclusive, a escape from society in the city. He designed a cultural park, defined by the social interaction among its visitors more than by its classical landscape design. Architecture imposes itself over the landscape design creating a sense of space and an urban landscape inside the park ( book: Event-Cities). and add the picture on it too if you can.
and i will send you one of my friend's writing that she wrote it before for ecological urbanism.see if there are any points that you can benefit from that.
and please ask me if you have any question before starting or during your writing.
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Title: Social Position satire in Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now

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Essay Instructions: Choose a topic that is Victorian and limited(I have done this for you). Focus on one work, or related works bye the same author or by different authors. For example, Charlote Bronte deals with different aspects of "the woman problem" in Jane Eyre and Villette, and Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy to the same in David Copperfield and Tess of the d''Urbervilles.
Consult a few (3-5) critical authorities on this topic. Combine their views with yoiur own thoughtful analysis of a problem in the work(s). In this paper analyze the problem dealt with(or implied by) the work/pair of works; state and develope a thesis that agrees, disagrees with, or modifies the authorities'' interpretation of the problem.
This paper needs to have parenthetical citations, and this particular prof likes lots of them so don''t be afraid to have too many(at least one per page is prefered). And of course I need a bibliography with it.
This paper also needs to be double spaced.

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