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Title: E Business

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Essay Instructions: • Write a 2-3 page Workplace Assessment individual memo describing and evaluating the external value chain strategy of your organization. Refer to the abovementioned Value Chain Model, as well as the information provided in the other course materials, and answer the following questions:
o How does your organization contribute to the benefit and success of its entire external value chain (or does it)?

o What opportunities for improvement exist (consider product, information and financial flows; and be sure to address the anticipated benefits that justify your proposed changes, along with any potential challenges)?

*** I work for Lockheed Martin Which is a Department of Defense Contractor*****

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Title: Value Chain Analysis

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Essay Instructions: I need a four page (4) Value Chain Analysis with the following key points on each pany: Wal-Mart, Target, Sears/K-mart, and Costco
Include citations/references please.

Value Chain Analysis

Primary Activities:

Supply Chain Management - purchasing fuel,
energy & raw materials, inventory
Operations - production, assembly,
equipment, facilities, TQM
Distribution - packing, shipping, delivery,
dealer network, ordering
Sales & Marketing - sales force, advertising &
promotion, market research, dealer support
Service - assisting buyers, installation,
maintenance & repair, technical assistance,
buyer inquiries, plaints

Support Activities:

Product R&D, Technology and Systems
Development - product & process
improvements, equipment design, software
design, database, puterized support
Human Resources Management - recruitment,
hiring, training, development, pensation
General Administration - general
management, accounting & finance, legal &
regulatory, safety & security, MIS, strategic
alliances, other overhead functions

(you can single space if you would like) =)

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Essay Instructions: Please write a two page essay on Value Chain analysis of Social media monitoring companies. These are companies Radian 6 and Brandwatch, needs to be looked in to make this value chain. These two companies do Social media monitoring and give feeds to their clients. They tel their clients what people are saying about them or their brand in various social media channel like Facebook, Linkden, Twitter etc.
We need to examine the issue with related to brandwatch and make a value chain. The mechanism could be that we make a value chain for Social media monitoring companies and another onee for Brandwatch company and comparethe two to see in which areas Brandwatch is strong and where it is weak

There is no written source available, we need to search in Web, also see the websites of these two companies Radian 6 and Brandwatch. Similar websites of social media monitoring companies can also be examined

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Title: Value Chains

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Essay Instructions: The paper needs to follow the guidelines listed below.

Determine what actions and resources need to be used to achieve the desired future objectives. To be able to identify areas within a business that can contribute the most, we need to look at the company value chain. This can be a value chain of a business unit or the whole company. The business value chain is part of the larger industry value chain.

A good example is the grocery industry. We have cash registers that scan the information on the customer (like Kroger), then scans the items that are purchased. These are checked against the inventory levels and automatically place an order to the grocery supplier of the items that fell below predefined levels. Here we have the customer, business and supplier represented in the value chain.

Do a similar analysis on a company that describes the business and industry value chain. Be sure to identify the areas in this chain where you feel the greatest potential for applying IS/IT.

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