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Title: Bike lanes versus car lanes

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Essay Instructions: These the the specifications of the paper please make sure you follow.... This paper is for my Core class in College
Write a 4 page paper (double-spaced with inch margins and a 12 point TNR font with sources documented in APA format) focused exclusively on the impact that this individual, place, or movement has had on the life of New York City (no generic papers, please!). Your grade for the paper will be based upon how thorough your analysis is and how well written and documented your paper is.

My topic that I choose that is related to urban sociology is Bike lanes Versus Car lanes. 5 books as references relating to ur experience in NYC.
Please use a lot of quotes and cite every reference used.

Keep in mind that my professors will be putting this paper on to check all info.

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Essay Instructions: i choose to write two neighborhood Bronx and Harlem neighborhood,

Urban Sociology SSN.Research Assignment Instructions
When one of Robert Park?s (Sociology theorist) students studied the relationship between the high-rent Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago and a nearby slum, he pointed out that a symbiotic relationship existed between the two areas. Each neighborhood gained something from the proximity of the other: the poor residents of the slum obtained jobs as maids and handymen in Gold Coast households, and the wealthy Gold Coast residents had access to illegal alcohol, drugs and prostitution they wanted-but wanted to keep out of their neighborhood.
For your research paper you are required to complete a similar yet more detailed study. You are required to conduct a comparative analysis of two neighborhoods within the same city or borough based on the following criteria: race/ethnicity of the neighborhoods; political-economic structure social stratification poverty/wealth; school performance (as it relates to property value); employment/unemployment rate and crime rates; essentially I would like to know who lives in this neighborhood, what their professions are and what social class they belong to. The paper should be about 4-5 typewritten pages, double-spaced in APA format. The last page of your paper, your bibliography, should include a list of references/bibliography/works cited (research materials used) You are required to have data from the U.S. Census; 3 scholarly journals; 3 books; 5 (creditable) website sources (info share); 3 Newspaper and or magazine publications.. You are expected to write the paper in your own words and use citations in the body of the paper. Please visit for more information. Please visit Blackboard to review the rubric that will be considered when grading

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