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Title: What is the worst city you can think of and what is the best They can be cities from fiction contemporary or historical cities

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Essay Instructions: Dear Freelance Writer,
Even though the topic of the essay does not seem to be theoretical, the essay has to be very theoretical ( PhD level; PhD in Urban Design, Urban philosophy course).
It would be good if you would manage to find the examples of the city ( worst/ best) from philosophy/ urban design pieces.

Please, make sure that you will describe two 'similar' kinds of cities (best fiction/ worst fiction; best historical/ worst historical & not best historical/ worst fiction).
Please try to make few( 1 or 2) short references to the readings (resource materials) while answering the essay question.

Let me know if you have any further questions
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Title: Public space

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1966 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Start by definition of public spaces in the world of Architecture/urban design, then discuss a time line of history of public space and how the meaning of public space has changed over time.
Compare Esfahan (a city in Iran) and Paris in the content of public space (ex: culture, history), with a more focus on Esfahan.
Compare Naghshe Jahan square (in Esfahan/Iran) with Louis Square (in Paris) and how these public spaces have had an effective role in the city which has changed its usage with the progression of time but still has kept its importance ( with a more focus and details about Naghshe Jahan square).for Paris you can use any sources .use my sources (will send 3) for Naghsh jahan/Esfahan. You may also use any additional sources that you can find.
Explain all the different sections in the square in Iran (use the source) For example Ali Qapu (political), Shah mosque (religious) ,Bazaar (commercial), Lotfollah mosque (educational) and compare it to Louis square.
Explain how and why these places were built in the city at that time.
Explain all of the activities that happened in both squares and how that has changed with time.
Discuss and compare the dimension of these spaces.

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Title: New York

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Essay Instructions: Please write a 5-7 page paper (double-spaced; 1 inch margins) on one of the topics listed below.
Your paper should demonstrate your ability to develop a specific thesis based on a close reading and interpretation of the texts. No secondary literature is necessary, although you may seek it out if you wish. Your essays should be coherent, well-organized, well-written, and properly supported with evidence. (Please refer to the ?Quotes, Citation, and Plagiarism? sheet for more specific explanations about how to use evidence.)
Evaluation will be based on the logic and clarity of your argument, the structure and style of your presentation, and the relevance of the passages cited. You are welcome to consider an individual paper topic but you will need my approval on the specific topic.


1) Rem Koolhaas and Kevin Lynch offer different arguments as to how urban design and space function in New York, particularly in regard to enhancing civic participation. Take the argument of either Koolhaas or Lynch and apply it to ONE of the places or events we have studied so far

(Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the subway, etc.) and examine its success or failure in light of that argument.

2) Choose ONE of the following places: Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, or Brooklyn more broadly, or the subway and explain the original motives behind its creation. Then discuss one of the artistic responses to these places (e.g. Edward Albee?s The Zoo Story, Walker Evans?s photographs, Amiri Baraka?s Dutchman, or you can check out the movies Hair (for its depiction of Central Park) and Saturday Night Fever (for Brooklyn) as well), paying special attention to how the artist creates, through the specific devices of his/her genre, a new meaning for the place. In your opinion, would the original planners have been pleased with the artistic response their creation evoked? Why or why not?

3) Look at the question of governing New York from the perspective of Brooklyn or one of the outer boroughs (which would require additional research). Think through the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of the peripheral position to Manhattan. What were and are the

consequences of the borough arrangement? How has it impacted a specific government service such as transportation or planning?

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Essay Instructions: General topic- design and contemporary urbanism ( PhD in Urban Design);
-Please, do not use any additional sources for the theoretical framework.
-Additional sources can only be used in the second part of an essay " Describe the ways in which Toronto (or any other big city) reflects the visions of the contemporary city held by Rem Koolhaas and Jane Jacobs respectively. Please, do not use any other pieces, written by these authors ( other than the pieces that I will send you).
-Since it is only a 2-pager, this essay has to be very theoretical ( point of agreement-> empirical example.
- Please, let me know which city you are going to describe.
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