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Title: The Universe

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Essay Instructions: The Universe

?It takes a lifetime to learn how to be able to hold
your own ground, to go out to the others, to be open to
them without losing your ground. And to hold your
ground without shutting others out.? (Martin

CHAPTER 1 suggests that we must first
Encounter Emptiness and be willing to examine our
lives in order to search for, and perhaps find, wisdom.

?At this point ?all is futile? and there is: No I?No
Thou?No It. NOTHING!!!

In CHAPTER 2 we mull over the most obvious answer
to the problem of an empty life, which is to fill it
with Pleasure?perhaps prudently or using moral
sanity, perhaps not.

?All that exists, all that is worth consideration is:

In CHAPTER 3 psychic Detachment presents
itself as an attractive means to achieve relief and
serenity. Dispassion seems to be a healthy option in
our encounters with pain and anxiety.

?I? detach and view the world as ?It.? ?I? can be of
the world, but not in the world. The world exists only
as an object.

?I? -> It

However, in CHAPTER 4, Becoming Human
suggests that we will remain incomplete unless we
interact with each other. It is in seeking relationship
that we achieve personhood.

?I? <-> Thou -> It AND ?I? -> It || I? <-> Thou

It?s in the dynamic movement between ?thou as self and
self as thou?, ?self as it and it as self? that we begin
to see who we are.

CHAPTER 5 offers a broadened view of personal
growth and sees it as continuous with growth and change
throughout the natural world. Who we are is found in
harmony and affinity with Nature.

?I?<-> Thou

In CHAPTER 6 we move from identification and
reverence with our natural selves to reverence for and
identification with God?the Creator: yet a more
exalted object of human aspiration.

?I? <-> Thou

CHAPTER 7 discusses Authentic Existence,
the death of God and atheistic existentialism. The good
life is a life of uncompromising honesty, responsibility
for creating oneself and revolt against a meaningless

We must choose: ?I? <-> Thou OR ?I? -> It

CHAPTER 8 suggests the Universe as a Whole
complete unity with all things and it is only in loving
acceptance of the present moment that we will find
happiness. Emptiness?the dynamic emptiness of an open,
receptive awareness? is not the problem, but the

There is:

No ?I?

No Thou

No It

All is One.


This is the Question you will be answering.
QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION: ?If I fully experience
all that is within me, embracing what I am?that which
seems evil as well as that which seems good?I am freed
to do what I am capable of doing, and to grow beyond my
present limits.?

Considering all that you?ve read this semester,
what is your response to this? Include in your
discussion how the ideas of Tzu, Tolstoy, Suzuki, Watts,
Russell and/or Danto reflect on this question and
explain why. This is your legacy to the class.

No dictionaries, no other sources but from the book. No cite page. This is a summary on all of the chapters. I will email from the book pages or fax pages The Universe 267-296.
When you use a philospher put his name and page number at the end of the source. The book I''m using is Ways of wisdom, Readings on the Good Life Edited by Steve Smith.

There are faxes for this order.

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to the writer: in previous papers i order there was the printed sudent resource center is typed at the bottom of each paper and i couldnt take it off. pls make sure you dont put it there. thank you

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-The ?Introduction? should state the problem or proposition in simple terms as well as making clear why the topic may be of interest to the general reader. Introduce any necessary background and or framework that would make the reader better prepared to tackle and appreciate the details to follow elsewhere in the essay.

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