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Title: US Constitution

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Essay Instructions: The United States Constitution is a virtual blueprint for the institutions of American Government. Embedded within its framework are the philosophical values of liberty, equality, and democracy. How are these values expressed within the Congress, Executive, and Judiciary, Articles I, II, and III respectively? Your essay should locate clear evidence for each of these values for at least two of the three institutions. A solid answer will demonstrate an ability to define and differentiate betweeen the three values and provide direct references to the Constitutional text and relevant branches of government in support of your argument.

The following assignment will require you to closely read the United States Constitution and become familiar with its architecture. You should use the text of the Constitution as the primary source of evidence for your argument.

Use only the constitution and "We the People: An Introduction to American Politics 7th Edition by Ginsberg, Lowi(Teacher of Class) & Weir
You can also use "The Enduring Debate: Classic and Contemporary Readings in American Politics 5th Ed. by CAnnon, MAyer and Coleman

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Title: constitution

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Essay Instructions: ?What are the main components of the United States Constitution that serve as the framework for how society governs and is governed? Explain.
?How does each component function to support the Constitution? Explain.
?What is public policy? Explain.
?What purpose does it serve?

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Essay Instructions: According to Douglass, the Constitution ?is in its letter and spirit, an anti-slavery instrument, demanding the abolition of slavery as a condition of its own existence? (396). Do you agree with Douglass? Is the constitution ?in its letter and spirit? an anti-slavery document? Why or why not? Using the Constitution, My bondage and my freedom and any other text from Unit I, write an essay that refutes the status of the Constitution as an anti-slavery document.
and use
Abraham Lincoln First Inaugural Address Monday, March 4, 1861
Federalist No. 10 from james madison

Thank you

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Title: On Liberty and the US Constitution

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper discussing the relationship between John S. Mill's theories in On Liberty and the United States Constitution. Relate these comparisons to the expressions of Freedom of Speech and Assembly currently being shown around the country including on Wall Street.

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