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SSG Burchfield-Wise has proven to be the best advocate and is highly recommended for the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) of the Year for her numerous achievements while serving as the US Army Garrison, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.

She is a model Non-Commissioned Officer that lives and breathes to take care of Army personnel, Army civilians, and Family members, should an unfortunate incident occur. During her tenure, SSG Burchfield-Wise’s most noble achievements and lauded strategies include the following:

Would like for the writer to write about the great accomplishment below! She built the program and now it's the model for everyone:

• Developed a Civilian Hire Training Plan for SARC/SHARP and VA/SHARP

• Incorporated SHARP Training into the Active Duty Soldiers and Reserve MOB/DEMOB Newcomers’ Briefing

• Established a direct email that sexual assault victims can contact

• Ensures all SARC/VA receive the INOVA SANE/DV Nurse Schedule

• Established a 24 hour HOTLINE for Sexual Assault victims

• Publishes weekly news articles in the “Belvoir Eagle” talking about the SHARP Program

• Established a victim safe haven with IHG Army lodging; if victim is unable to return to residence

• Ensures monthly and quarterly SHARP Training for the entire community over

• Reinforced battle buddy concept by issuing wallet / pocket size information on prevention and key leaders’ point of contact information

• Ensures the community is provided with educational material, references, crisis hotlines, and accessible resources.

• Built a viable program to sustain high levels of awareness and restore trust in our systems to do the right thing.

• Rebuilding Fort Belvoir SHARP webpage

• Built alliance with stakeholders within the community

• Posts DA SHARP posters providing situational awareness throughout the community

• Dispels myths which influence leaders to make wrong conclusions

She believes whole-heartedly that sexual harassment and sexual assault affects Soldiers and Civilians in their units and communities by undermining who we are as a Profession of Arms and fundamentally goes against the Army Values. She ensures subordinates realize that preventing sexual harassment/ sexual assault is a priority for all levels of Leaders. SSG Burchfield-Wise consistently implements changes to the Fort Belvoir SHARP Program based on recent legislation, DoD and Army Senior Leader directives and lessons learned.

I strongly nominate SSG Burchfield-Wise for the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) / Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Specialist of the Year Award. SSG Burchfield-Wise's dedication, expertise and willingness to give selflessly to any organization are traits only recognized in model Non-Commissioned Officers. SSG Burchfield-Wise is a superb Soldier and leader who brings distinct credit to the United States Army. She has performed with consummate distinction in all of her assignments throughout her extraordinary career. I recommend immediate approval for SSG Burchfield-Wise's selection as the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) / Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Specialist of the Year!

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Essay Instructions: I need for you to build me personal experience paper that is five pages long and has at least three level one heading in apa style. I need abstrat also.... I want to write about becoming a united states army drill sergeant(USADSS).. I always wanted to become DS since i join the Army in June dream came true in 2003 when I was selected to attend drill school(fort jackson, sc).. where i trained to be DS I gradutate in March 2003 where I did two half year as Basic combat training at C 2/28 fort jackson sc where I train privates, then I moved in Dec 2005 to united army drill sergeant school to be the Senior drill sergeant leader where I trained sergeant to become ds, both jobs I love and was the best job the army could offer anybody training america son and daughter to become soldiers and then given the opportunity to go to school house and train nco to become drill sergeant..that was the best time of my life and i made such huge impact in the army which enhance me to become a better leader and soldiers today.

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Essay Instructions: I enter the United States Army September 1992 as a 75D (Personnel Records Specialist). I completed Basic and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Jackson, SC. During my 20 year career, I have served in a variety of leadership and staff positions in the military. I think when I was baby I always wanted to serve my country and have enjoyed the Army. I have made from private it to the level of Sergeant Major. I am little girl from the southeast DC one of the toughest neighbor hoods in country.(background to help you write the introduction or short story about me and how I used the three traits to be successful). The topic ? Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment in military" I would like to start the essay with short story about myself as female Soldiers, and use few examples of females Soldiers in the Army who have came before me who have displayed all three traits. The end of essay would be how the young females serving now can use these traits in the future to be better female Soldier.

-Courage-face fear, danger, or advesity
-Commitment-service to others

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Essay Instructions: Essay: Write a 700-word (2-3 pages) argumentative essay on the following topic:
Analyze the characteristics of an effective joint staff officer or joint planner, using Korea and Vietnam as case studies.
1) Active voice
2) Concentrate on word usage and structure; give the subject the serious attention it deserves.
3) Avoid: Slang and informal terms amd sentence fragments, run-on sentences and overworking one word: use variety
4) Ensure Pronoun/antecedent agreement: Subject/verb agreement
5) Essays will include endnotes and a bibliography
6) Typed, arial font size 12, double-spaced.
- Joint Officer Handbook (uploaded), pg. 1-125. And Appendix C(uploaded)
- From The History of the Unified Command Plan, 1946-1999, by Ronald H. Cole, Walter S. Poole, James F. Schnabel, Robert J. Watson, and Willard J. Webb (Washington, DC: Joint History Office, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2003) ),pp. 1,11-15,19-21,26-27,45-47,
and pp 30-34,36-39, 47-49.
- From The Joint Staff Officer's Guide 2000, JFSC Pub 1, National Defense University, Figure 1-10, p. 1-21.
- From ADM 6-22, Army Leadership, August 2012, pp. 11-3,11-5; 11-6?11-7; paragraphs ll-I7through 11-18,11-30 through 11-32,11-44 through 11-46.
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- From LTC Stephen A. Tanner, The Truman-MacArthur Tug of War - A Lingering Aftermath? A research report submitted to the Air War College, Air University, Maxwell AFB, April 1993, pp. 1-2,3-10.

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- From Julian E. Barnes, "US, Vietnam Militaries Edge CIoser," Wall Street Journal, 4 June 2012, p. 12. Published by Dow Jones & Co.

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