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Essay Instructions: Paper Topic: Unemployment in the United States
-unemployment rate for the past 10 years
-who's responsible for unemployment
-classical or keynesian's point of view on unployment (I lean more towards the classical pov)
-basically anything about unemployment
This paper has to be submitted through, so it must be original.
The following texts is instructions from my professor:
?It has to be five pages, (margins one inch all around, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, excluding graphs, the title page, and bibliography page(s)). For example, if you have one page of graphs (which should be on a separate page), you need to have six pages, plus the front page and the bibliography page(s). You must have at least 5 source references for the paper. You may use the text as one source. A paper not in the correct format or spell checked will receive less credit than one in the correct format and spell checked

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PLEASE talk about keynesian theory, classical theory, new classical theory, new keynesian theory,
neo classical theory
also mention the game theory, marxian theory, natural rate of unemployment, and the rational expectations

please use graphs as well to explain

please make sure everything is referenced harvard style and that there are citations

thank you

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Essay Instructions: I need help with an essay about Cyclical Unemployment durring the recsession opposed to structual, frictional, classical or marxiam unemployment.

One of the citations should be "Essentials of Economics" by Bradley R. Schiller eigth edition.

"reflect on the relevance of each concept to your personal life or work"- It may help to inform you I am a warehouse operations manager but have been laid off twice in the last four years (since the recession in 2008 began).

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Essay Instructions: Is Uemployment Insurance Efficient
In this paper you will evalute whether Unemployment Insurance is an efficient social policy. In your paper you should consider the following:
a. What is the purpose of unemployment insurance?
b. Does Uemployment Insurance achieve this goal?
c. Does unemployment insruance kill jobs?
In your answer you should consider the thress sources provided below and three articles about the subject that you will find on the internet:
the international comparison, the Washington Post article
Washington Post Article about unemployment Insurance
Unemployment in Germany
Social policies and data, Benefits and Wages 2007, OECD
Table 1.1 Unemployment insurance benefits, 2005
For a 40-year-old single worker without children, with a 22-year employment record1

"Employment (E) and
contribution (C)
conditions" "Insurance is
voluntary (V) or
compulsory (C)
for employees" "Waiting period
(days)" "Maximum
(months)" Initial payment rate (% of earnings base) Earnings base2 Minimum benefit Maximum benefit Permitted employment and disregards Additions for dependent family members
currency" % of AW "National
currency" % of AW
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Australia -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Austria E+C: one year in two. "C
(above an earnings limit)" 0 9 55 Net -- -- 14 049 40 No reduction up to EUR 3881.52, total loss above. Exception: benefit reduced when

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