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Title: For Writergrrl101

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Essay Instructions: For Writergrrl101

Using "Twelve Angry Men Play in Three Parts" by Reginald Rose write 1 page on each topic:

1. What is the theme of Twelve Angry Men? What is the author saying about the justice system? What is the author saying about human nature? Give examples.

2. Using the movie version made in 1954: The movie was made in 1954. While that was a long time ago, the director certainly could have filmed it in color rather than black and white. Why did the director choose to film Twelve Angry Men in black and white? What effect did it have on the mood of the story? What effect did it have on the plot?

1 page on number 1 and one page on number 2

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Assignment Name: Case Study on the movie Twelve Angry Men

Points that need to be addressed in the case study:
?Analysis of conflict and its dynamics of the movie Twelve Angry Men.

?Explanation of intra-psychic processes in the Movie Twelve Angry Men

?Discussion of theoretical conflict elements in the Movie Twelve Angry Men

?Personal Proposed solutions for the conflicts in the movie Twelve Angry Men

?You can refer to the jurors by numbers that you assign since they are not all named in the film.

?Can use forensic social psychology literature

?focus on the struggle between a guilty and not guilty verdict and the various conflicts that stem from the task that the jury is given.

?Provide a detailed account of the various conflicts that are present in the film.

?explicate the various intra-psychic processes that are apparent with a focus on the role of judgment biases, attributions, the use of anger, self-regulation, personality, and racial/ethnic biases.

?Also be sure to elaborate on the process of escalation and the issue of trust as related to the conflicts in this film.

?Propose a an approach that you would use in order to resolve the conflicts present in the film and move the jury toward a reasoned and appropriate determination of the defendant?s guilt.

Must use these References and the uploaded ones as well:

Book 1:

Book 2:

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Title: Ethical Dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice

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Essay Instructions: Please watch the 1957 classic film TWELVE ANGRY MEN.

For your second reaction-paper post you are being asked to categorize each of the 12 jurors using Kohlberg’s stages of moral development. Please support your categorization with a brief argument and explanation for each juror.

With which juror do you identify with most? Why?

Start with the Foreman as your “Juror #1” and work clockwise around the table.

Be sure to cite to and reference the text, lecture, and any applicable outside sources.

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Title: communication Groupthink

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Essay Instructions: Watch the film "Twelve Angry Men" Identify scenes in which each of the following symptoms of groupthink occur in the film: a) illusion of invulnerability, b)belief in the inherent morality of the group, c) out-group stereotyping, d) collective rationalization, e) self-censorship, f) illusion of unanimity, g) self-appointed mindguards, h) pressures on dissenters

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