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Title: Tsunamis

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Essay Instructions: Tsunamis: How they are formed and sustained.

I need a definition paper on the above subject, how they are formed and sustained.

Can include pictures.

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Title: Tsunamis their causes and damage

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Essay Instructions: Introduction: -what is tsunami? how are they caused?, what parts of the earth are principally affected by tsunamis? are there any regions on earth that are not susceptible to tsunami-induced damage?
Tsunami Formation and Tracking:
give a working definition of a tsunami. how are tsunamis classified and how are they tracke? for how long have countries on earth been aware of tsunamis? describe the nature and extend of the damage that tsunamis can cause. how do earthquakes lead to tsunamis? where must the earthquakes occure to produce tsunamis? how strong must the earthquackes be on the Richter scale? what other catastrophic events can lead to tsunamis? describe the events that must occur in order that tsunamis can form, touch on these areas,at least: the earthquacke upheaval(in the right places)-the impact of a huge meteor with the open ocean,with so many meteors hitting earth, why ahve there been few, if any, meteor-induced tsunamis? - Describe the wall of water moving away from the production region.- what are the wave speeds of tsunamis.
If you see or sense a tsunami coming, what can you do to prevent its doint damage to land or ships?
Can you stop or deflect tsunamis? can you explode large-enough nuclear bombs, for example in their paths?
what did animals sense, by instinct, that most people did not, that enabled the animals to seek high ground in order to escape tsunami dvastation:
-describe a possible tsunami early-warning network you would design. how extensive would it be?what sensors might you use?
-is there any use in being able to predict and track tsunamis?
-How would earthquake-predection models help warn about tsunami prediction?

Tsunami-induced Damage Including Aid Relief to Victims:
Using the recent south Asia as a model, catalog the scope and extent tsunami-induced damage.
-as a Counter Disaster Officer (CDO), what measures would you put in place to help alleviate possible death and damage from subsequent tsunami activity.
-As a CDO, how would you direct aid efforts from within your country and from outside? How would you order your aid priorities?
Social and Political Issues:
-How to prevent the spread of disease?
-How to dispose of the deceased?
-what social/religious groups should be allowed to help out?
-who should do the rebuilding?
-what to do about the orphans?
-How should the childeren continue with their education
These should follow from the text of your paper. You should not use this section to introduce new discussion points.

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Title: Tsunami in Indian Ocean in 2004

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3301 Sources: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please check the email. I'll send an outline and all the detailed information. The reader would know only little information about Tsunami. I need a term paper that is very descriptive,specific and easy to understand and contain lots of information.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2133 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: My paper needs to be about the 2004 Tsunami relief and reconstruction in a research/term paper format. I need sources fully sited in the paper and bibliography. Here is a brief topic outline of what I thought it might look like. There are a couple of sources I found listed woth the outline as well.
Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction

A. Introduction

B. Some background information on how tsunamis are created.
-scientific research

C. The disaster caused by the tsunami.
-how peoples lives affected
-economic impact
-environmental impact

D. Relief provided to tsunami victims.
-volunteer and military aide
-how and where relief was provided

E. Reconstruction of the lands is beginning.
-reconstruction strategies
-economic viewpoint
-reconstruction of peoples lives and emotions

F. Conclusion
-strategies being taken to prevent loss in the future


Joshi, Sharad. (2005, March 23). The Economics of Tsunami Relief. Global News
Wire-Asia Africa Intelligence Wire. Retrieved March 15, 2005 from the World Wide

Early Detection and Forecast of Tsunamis. Retrieved March 15, 2005 from the
World Wide Web:

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