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Title: Research Design

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Essay Instructions: Based on the purpose of the study and review of the literature, develop a research design...

The primary purpose of this study is to determine the effect of truancy on the number of cases that are filed with Houston juvenile courts. Through further examination and study, I believe that truancy is a gateway to more offensive criminal behavior. This study will be accomplished by examining court records, interviewing prosecutors, school officials, and students as well as reviewing school data presented to the Courts. By analyzing the input data to the courts, information will be obtained giving valuable insight in to the factors influencing students who become truant and how educators may be able to develop prevention programs to reduce the number of Truancy.

The Significance of the Study

Every day, hundreds of thousands of youth are absent from school. Many are absent without an excuse and deemed truant. While there are no significant national studies or data regarding truancy rates across the nation, many large cities report staggering rates of truancy and chronic absenteeism. Baker, Sigmon, Nugent. (2001).
The proportion of truancy cases handled in juvenile courts is relatively small in comparison to other juvenile offenses. Truancy has historically been a matter of school attendance slightly affecting school performance and funding. However, local statistics indicate that as the truancy rates rise, with repeat offenders, so do the number of cases in the juvenile justice system. Recent statistics available on the extent of truancy cases in juvenile courts clearly demonstrate how important it is for schools and communities to confront this issue. Puzzanchera, Finnegan, Snyder, and Tierney. (1998). What I hope to determine through further study is that truancy is a gateway to more offensive criminal behavior.
Truancy is a violation of state law as a status offense for the youth and educational neglect for the parent; addressing the underlying issues is necessary for long-term behavior change. According to Kris Moore, Prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney?s Office, there are few statistics factors contributing to student truancy, but out of the 53 cases she has handled, she observed personally that they kids didn?t feel connected to the school environment nor the learning process. She said that often they needed to be in some kind of alternative learning environment instead of trying to make them conform to the requirement of traditional school settings. Moore, K. (personal communication, August 30, 2005).
Implementing a successful, sustainable truancy reduction program has its share of challenges. Moore offers suggestions for research and studies to look into effective practices for retaining students in school as well as reducing truancy issues throughout the City of Houston and Harris County. Moore suggests sending a clear, unified message to all students that there are consequences to truancy, and providing more intense interaction between parents and students, as well as a quick docket setting in court. Schools should provide mentors, if you will truancy counselors, with access to needed services and knowledge of the juvenile system The juvenile court system and the schools need to get ? on the same page? in their efforts. (Moore, K. personal communication, August 30, 2005). Left unchecked, truancy is a risk factor for serious juvenile delinquency. Truancy?s impact also extends into the adult years where it has been linked to numerous negative outcomes. Consequently, it is critical to identify strategies to prevent chronic truancy and to interrupt progression to delinquency and other negative behaviors by addressing the underlying reasons behind their absence from school. Baker, M. L. et al. (2001).

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Title: Truancy

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Essay Instructions: I have to do a research paper that is argumentative on Truancy. The topics I came up with is 1. Parents should not be held responsible for their child/children when they skip school. 2. Students should be held accountable for thier actions. 3. Does the absent of a parent has an affect on a child (in referencing to truancy). I need to have either a thesis, an enthymene, or a hypothesis. Must be in APA format, must be 500-600 words, argumentative, research-based, academic paper. Must have a reference list page, annotated bibliography should be ordered in alphabetical order, double spaced. Formal Sentence Outline which must be 300-500 words long, must be organized the way the paper is intended to be written and a thesis should be provided at the beginning of the outline labeled "Thesis." The

Thesis should be an argumentative statement that embodies the argument of the paper.

Body paragraphs: Topic sentence, Explanation of topic sentence (1-2 sentences), Introduction to evidence (1-2 sentences), evidence, explanation of evidence, transition (1-2 sentences), conclusion (150 words).

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Title: Truancies

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Essay Instructions: The purpose of this project is to introduce new, effective strategies to reduce truancies at Alhambra High School located in Los Angeles county, california. I plan to follow a policy proposal model, which consist of designing a possible intervention, examining the feasibility of implementation, and collecting data to help determine the level of need and support for that intervention so that i can make a final recommendation for change to the decision makers of my organization. I would like to collect data from at least five other high schools that currently are successful at reducing truancies. Another words, what is the secret to thier success (formula)? what should we be doing at Alhambra High to reduce our truancy numbers? I entitled my paper alternative proactive truancy enforcement. I need help with Chapter 2, which is the literature review. This chapter of the research project is intended to reflect a broader knowledge of the project topic form having reviewed the professional literature. In this chapter, I will report what other researchers have written about my topic. The literature will also provide ideas of how others have accomplished similar goals. I would like to be in contact with my writer when possible. I will be faxing chapter two guidelines. A brief history, during the 2003-2004 school year (sept.-july), we experienced a high volume of truancies. Should you have any questions,please contact me at 626 893-3427. Thank You
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: What can we do to reduce hate and violence in ourselves and our society

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Essay Instructions: Citations from required course readings and provide a synthesis of the readings and your own experiences and observations. Readings:Samuel Walker, Sense and Nonsense a out Crime and Drugs, 5th edition. Richard Monk:Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Crime and Criminology, 6th edition.
I hve taught in a juvinile det. facility for 8 years. Have started a Fri. afternoon movie program which is a sneaky way of encourageing nonviolence as a literary study. Movies such as "Remember the Titans" "Radio" "Second Hand Lions" even "Shrek" put examples of cooperative problem solving in front of young people. These stories encourage the audience to cheer for the non-violent side. Oscar Wilde: "What you read when you don't have to determines what you'll be when you don't have time to think about it."
Would like to use these quotes from students.(writen as they have) "I'v learned how to respect other's that arenot as intelagent as us. I'v also learned that you dont' have to be the same to be a friend. This is said about Radio, Remember the titans, and secondhand Lions." Cody J. age 15, truancy, terroristic threats, assault, drug abuse.
"To me, the Friday Afternoon Movie Program is a good, educational time. To me it is not at all entertainment because we don't watch action movies, or comedies. We watch movies about people who overcome unbelievable obstacles in life....These movies give us hope. Anthony W.age 16, drug abuse, truancy, burglary, father of 2 mo. old daughter.
First of all I think we should watch movies on Friday afternoons because it is inspiring. Because the movies that we see aren't bad or anything they teach us how to learn and respect each other no matter what color or reasons. Margarita A. age 14 terroristic threat, truancy, drug abuse, pregnant with first child. (This is typed with their spelling, grammar, etc.) Would like to use this in paper. Anyhow, I would like to use the student quote in the paper and the Oscar Wilde thing. HELP!

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