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Title: Transformative Learning

Total Pages: 3 Words: 838 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a 3 full-page paper. When Paraphrasing and Quoting use Quotation Marks, Page Numbers, Year, and Author.

Based on the review of the literature, Analyze the principles of Transformative learning and identify the Benefits of [Pages 1-8 which I previously wrote Please Read, so that you can get an idea of what going-on/being said].

Note: The second part of the paper is where I need your help, please read below...

***Based on the review of the literature, Analyze the principles of transformative learning and identify the Barriers of applying these principles to higher education. Recommend How the Culture of the Organization Would Need to Change to Foster and Support Transformative Learning. ***

I am faxing Two Sources that may be needed in order to write the second part of the example paper.

J. Moore (2005). Is Higher Education Ready for Transformative Learning?

D. Glisczinski (2007). Transformative Higher Education

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Title: a combination of topics

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3464 Bibliography: 13 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Instructions: Write/Type answers in an essay format. Use standard 1 inch margins and Times New Roman typeface and double spacing). Please do not write in one sentence or two sentence paragraphs. Write in full sentences. Please use citations in EVERY answer.

Most importantly, provide support for viewpoints from the readings or other literature that you have encountered. Cite these sources according to APA style.

Provide a reference page cited in APA format. Cite ALL source in the text of the document. Citations from lots of websites are not considered scholarly. Citing articles from refereed journals and citing books are better than citing lots of websites.

1. Learning occurs in a social context that includes technology. (must be 2 pages)

a) Using evidence you select from WITHIN AND OUTSIDE the readings for this course, argue for or against the existence of the digital divide.

b) Assuming the digital divide exists, suggest two (2) solutions to this problem. Describe the solutions in detail and support them with evidence from the literature.

Note: See attached articles….Narrowing the Digital Divide & Digital Dive Women

2. Andragogy is a set of assumptions about adult learners. (must be two pages)

You need to teach a course session of your choosing using andragogical principles.
1. List the course session name and two course objectives
2. Demonstrate how andragogical principles would be used to achieve these course objectives. Use the literature to support your application of andragogy to a course.

Note: See attached powerpoint…. And article by Knowles & Wlodowski

3. Using evidence you select from your readings explain how race, gender and sexual orientation can affect adult development or learning. Please provide CONCRETE examples of EACH positionality (e.g. one example for race, one example for gender, and one example for sexual orientation). Use the literature to support your assertions . (Must be 2 pages)

Note: See attached articles…Tennant & Pogson….Race, Class, gender on Learning….Student Experiences
4. Hansman (2001) discusses the similarities and differences between situated cognition and experiential learning. (must be 2 pages)

a) Name the ways in which situated cognition is similar to experiential learning.

b) Explain how situated cognition and experiential learning differ.

Note: See attached article…Hansman Context Based Adult Learning

5. Two perspectives on learning include: self-directed learning and transformative learning. (must be two pages)

a. What are similarities between the two theories?
b. What are differences between the two theories
c. Using evidence you select, argue which perspective provides the “best” explanation for how adults learn. Be SURE to include references.

Note: See attached article by Grow, Canton, Moore, Transformative Learning in Botswana, Transformative Learning in MGT

6. Compare (tell similarities between) and contrast (tell the differences between) critical and post-modern theory. Have a minimum of two similarities and two differences. (must be two pages)
Note: See attached article by Kilgore

Please feel free to use other scholarly citations.

Cite literature to support your answer.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Education

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1191 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need a book report on Cranton,Patricia "Professional Development as Transformative Learning"
ISBN 0-7879-0197-0 -Jossey-Bass. This must be the only paper like this because i dont want to be expelled for plagiarism.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Topic: Analysis and critique od evaluation methods in clinical education for undergraduate nursing students from the perspective of transformative learning theory anf humanistic theory.
The goal of essay is to show how to evaluate clinical perfomance of students in the way that encourages motivation to do better, sence of achievement, and enhance individual potential and responcibility for personal growth by using diffrent methods.
The sections should reflect the strength in the process of learning, examine rational for using different methods, describe advantages and disadvantages of evaluation process and its' impact on students' learning, influencing factors and barriers.
Description: essey should be based on reaserch articles no older that 2005, prefered Canadian sourses. The books: Illeris, K. (2009) Contemporaty theories of learning; Billings & Halstead (2012). Teaching in nursing. A guide for faculty. (4th Ed); Gaberson & Oermann (2009) Teaching strategies in nunursing.

Excerpt From Essay:

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