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Title: The Cherokee Removal

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1230 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This book report on "The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History with Documents" (ISBN 0-312-41599-0) is for a college level American History class. The essay needs to cite the book, but is primarily about the Trail of Tears and the events leading up to it rather than the book itself. Other sources are acceptable, but not required. Other than that, the essay requirements are very non-specific.

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Title: Antebellum period

Total Pages: 2 Words: 580 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This topic is not really one precise essay. Rather, it's a project that allows you to be more creative. For this project, you will write four separate sections in which you analyze the antebellum period (approximately 1800 through 1860) from different perspectives. The four different perspectives are:
a. Member of white slaveholding planter family (you pick gender and location)
b. Member of the Cherokee nation (you pick gender and whether it is before, during, or after the Trail of Tears)
c. John Brown (consult After the Fact)
d. A Northerner-either wage-worker or middle class reformer type (you pick gender, occupation, and location)

Clearly lable each section (i.e. Section 1 might be "Woman in a White Slaveholding Family from South Carolina", Section 2 could be" Cherokee male in the Oklahoma Territory after the Trail of Tears", etc.)

Please role-play by taking on the personality of each of these perspectives in your writing

For each section, write at least one paragraph considering politics, economics and work lives, and social lives during the antebellum period.

Also, make sure that each personality answer this question: If there were to be a Civil War in the United States, what do YOU think would be the main cause of this war?

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Title: Removal of the Charokee

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1430 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: paper info
"the book, the charokee removal,is about savagery and civilization. The Charokee made poor use of their homelands. White Americans had a higher use for the region, bringing progress to the area. Although it was regrettable that the Charokee had to give up their land, the primitive Indian was destined to the more civilized society.The migration of the Charokee across the Mississippi was really in their best interests and had,in the words of President Van Buren,'the happiest effect.'"Review The Removal of the Charokee by Theda Perdue and Michael Green and evaluate the acceracy of the and contrast native americans and euro american values, including their respective world views concerning the land and nature,examine the meaning of progress,and discuss the ideals and realities of the American dream,democracy,Morality,and justice in 19th century america.include an assessment of jackson,Russ, Charokees, white defenders of the indians,white settlers, Georgia,manifest destiny and the Trail of Tears(this is just an opinion). In your conclusion,comment on U.S Indian policy after the Jacksonian Era by Citing A peoples History of the United States, Voices of a peoples history of the united states and days of Destiny.

I need Perdue and Green, the Charokee Removal
include reference to documents central to your interpretation

Zenn, "Indian Removal," in the Voices of people's History
Zenn, "as long as grass grows or water runs," in a People's history

Elliot West, "October 5, 1877: I will fight no more forever," Days of destiny

documentation should be by end notes or foot notes

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Title: response

Total Pages: 1 Words: 334 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Preferred language style: English(U.S.)

please write in an essay format. this assigment require my history text book . the name is SPEAKING OF AMERICA VOLUME I by LAURA A. BELMONTE, in which you only have to pick any 4 documents. as you may not able to get this book. i typed 4 documents from my text book and i will upload that file so just use those 4 documents to do this response essay.
below is the instruction.
1. What major political, social, economic, and/or cultural trends may have affected the author of the document?

2. How does this document fit into the historical context?

3. How does this document better our understanding of the event?

4.Does the document help to explain the cause-and-effect relationship of this event?

Can you summarize the document in three or four sentences?
What is the thesis? Can you express it in a sentence or two?
What does the author emphasize?
What are the key words that define the argument?
Perspective: The author’s point of view, including his or her prejudices and beliefs, can affect dramatically the content of a document. It is essential to consider the author of a document when reading. Biographical information can be helpful in deciding the author’s point of view. For example, a slave owner would certainly have a different perception of life in America than would the owner of the factory where they worked.

Who is the author of the document?
What is his or her background?
When was the document created? How does historical context affect the author at the time the document was created?
Was it prepared during the event, immediately afterward, within a short time period, or years later? Such timing is important, as memories often fade or become distorted over time.

Audience: Knowing the intended audience of an account can be useful in better understanding why the document was created.

1. Was the document prepared for a specific audience—for example, women, members of Congress, African Americans, wealthy businessmen, immigrants, a friend?

2. Was the document prepared for public distribution?

3. Was it a speech, a newspaper or a magazine article or editorial, an official government report, or a published memoir or autobiography, to name a few possibilities?

4. Was it produced for personal and private reflection, such as a diary, journal entry, or an exchange of letters between friends?

you should definitely connect any relevent key terms into the response

Louisiana Purchase
James Monroe
Lewis and Clark
Barbary States
Marbury v. Madison
Yazoo Controversy
Aaron Burr
Issue of treason
Peaceable coercion
Embargo Act
Chesapeake Affair
Macon’s Bill Number Two
Battle of New Orleans

Era of Good Feelings
Rush-Bagot Agreement
Adams-Onis Treaty
Major Stephen S. Long
Chief Black Hawk
“Leatherstocking Tales”
Erie Canal
King Cotton
Panic of 1819
Missouri Compromise
Dartmouth v. Woodward
McCulloch v. Maryland
Gibbons v. Ogden
Monroe Doctrine

Jacksonian Democracy
Democrats v. Whigs
Peggy Eaton Affair
Worchester v. Georgia
Trail of Tears
Nullification Crisis
Nicholas Biddle
Panic of 1837
•Events leading to the elimination of the Bank
I write all the terms but you just use those that are related to these 4 document, but you should definitely use some terms.
please no outside source

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