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Title: Death of a Salesman

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Essay Instructions: "Tragedy requires a ...balance between what is possible and what is impossible. And it is curious, although edifying, that the plays we revere, century after century, are tragedies. In them, and in them alone, lies the belief ---optimistic, if you will --- in the perfectibility of man. It is time, I think, that we who are without kings took up this bright thread of our history and followed it to the only place it can possibly lead in our time -- the heart and spirit of the average man." (from "Tragedy and the Common Man" by Arthur Miller). Is this view that Miller proposes in his essay reinforced and emexplified by the play "Death of a Salesman". If so, why. If not, why not. Please be sure to cite a minimum of three individual events/incidents/conversations that support your answer from the play. Please complete as quickly as possible. If we could have a three to five hour turnaround, I would pay an extra premium. Thanks.

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Title: Tragic Consequences of War Character's Personal Cost in of the Trojan War as related in Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis

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Assess the personal cost of the Trojan War as related in one of the following texts: Euripides'
Iphigenia at Aulis, Homer's Iliad, or Aeschylus' Agamemnon. You may prefer to focus on an
individual character's struggle or private loss, but be sure to maintain an awareness of the
network of kinship or community relationships. For example, Agamemnon's conflict can be
viewed in relation to his competing roles as father, husband, brother, and leader. Also, feel free
to discuss your chosen text in relation to others (e.g. the Iliad provided important background for
classical tragedies), but remember that your paper should focus on one primary document.

This paper should analyze mythic characters as represented specifically in epic poetry or
Athenian tragedy, and thus in relation to a particular genre and social context. Rather than
attempting to discuss archetypal characters or the development of myths in later periods, focus
on the content of the texts in relation to Greek understandings of personal relationships and
societal responsibilities.

Technical Details:
Each paper must have a clear thesis that is supported by specific reference to the texts, as
translated in the assigned edition. Parenthetical references will suffice, by page or lines as
appropriate: (Hughes, p. 19) or (Iliad VI.483-90).

This paper is due Wednesday, November 29 at noon. It must be submitted in two forms: a
printed paper will be collected at the beginning of class, and an electronic version must be
uploaded to

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Title: What is Tragedy

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Essay Instructions: What tragedy is, and then examine "Oedipus the King" and "Death of a Salesman" as tragedies. How are they different from or similar to one another? Realizing that 2400 years separate these plays, what do these differences/ similarities mean?
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Title: Tragedy

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Essay Instructions: The following three texts are Dover Thrift Editions.

Tragedy, tragic individuals or tragic societies play central roles in the readings listed above. Choosing two or all three of these texts, compare and contrast the roots, role and consequence of tragedy. You might want to consider:
What or who initiates the tragedy in the text?
What are the consequences of the tragic events?
Is the tragedy resolved? if so, how?
Who takes responsibility (and who does not)? Why?

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