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Title: Passages from Toni Morrison Beloved

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Essay Instructions: Toni Morrison, Beloved

On pg. 198-9, we get Stamp Paid’s thoughts after he seen seethe and Beloved thought the window at 124; he refers to the “jungle white people impose upon the black self.
In the conversation between Sethe and Paul D (164-5) in which Sethe tells her story of
Infanticide. Paul D final words before he leaves are “you got two feet, Sethe not four”. Read the Stamp Paid passage carefully, including what leads him to his thoughts. Also read the chapter that ends with Paul D’s comments to Sethe Once you’re close reading of both, consider how they connected in meaning. Compare Stamp Paid’s insights with Paul D’s uneasy thoughts about Sethe”s “thick love” her act of infanticide. Try to formulate a thematic idea based on these to passages.

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Title: Toni Morrison

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4985 Works Cited: 15 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Current critical conversations should be used on the topic which can incorporate but is not limited to :What are the meanings of Toni Mossisons? What is their history? How did Toni Morrison come to stand for Black Women's Writing in America, Critical essays and reviews on Toni Morrison

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Essay Instructions: I need an essay that is about the book Beloved by Toni Morrison. I need to relate the book to at least five other sources. These sources should shed light on the primary text (Beloved). The secondary sources can be anything: books, websites, magazine articles, films, etc.. The secondary sources should be a mix of biographical, critical, and historical/contextual.

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Title: an argumentative essay about Toni Morrison s Jazz

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Essay Instructions: The essay will be 6 pages long, and it should be an argumentative thematic essay about Toni Morrison's novel Jazz. It should include a clear and strong thesis and supporting paragraphs and evidences. Some themes might be violence, motherhood and family...or anything else that can form a really strong thesis and idea which will be supported during those 6 pages. English is my second language so the sentence structure of the essay should be simple. There should be some quotations from the book that will support the claim, the argument. To write an essay we used the Craft of Argument to shape up our essay writing skills so that might help too.

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