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Essay Instructions: Topic: Excerpt from "Lines written a a Few Miles fro Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth, line 134 "Therefore, let the moon" to the end.

A lead which leads to your thesis statement WHICH IS THE SANCTUARY OF NATURE IN WILLIAM WORDWORD"S Tintern Abbey and why you think this is the main point. The full name of the author and the text must appear in the opening paragraph
I one or more weel worded sentences, not in point form, provide a table of contents of the body of the essay - tell what subsections the reader will find and the order in which you discuss them - the body must explain the evidence you find in the text that supports your version of the main point. Explain how each of the major poetical devices or verbal special effects are built into text that support your thesis statement Begin each middle paragraph with an obvious topic sentence which supports your point using at least one example from the poem for each pararaph USE MLA STYLE and MLA citiations from the primary source only
Include , but not limited to the following:

Support Paragraph one about memories: wild ecstacies shall be matures Into a sober pleasure";
Thy memory shall be a dwelling place for all sweet sounds and memories the absolute happiness and recollection of pleasant emotions

Support Paragraph 2 maintain perspective and peace: " If Solitude, or fear, or pain, or grief
Should be thy portion, with what healing thoughts
Of tender joy shall remember me

Support Paragraph three spiritual well being, and comfort when he is gone: "If I should be where I can no more hear thy voice.....that on the banks of this delighful stream we stood together......

concluding paragraph restate theisis including Wordsworth?s first great statement of his principle (great) theme: that the memory of pure communion with nature in childhood works upon the mind even in adulthood, when access to that pure communion has been lost, and that the maturity of mind present in adulthood offers compensation for the loss of that communion?specifically, the ability to ?look on nature? and hear ?human music?; that is, to see nature with an eye toward its relationship to and sanctuary of human life.


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Essay Instructions: I need a (4) four-page essay on the World Literature course.
There are two separate questions that need to be answered thoroughly.
Please use two pages per question.
I'll include the literature textbook materials.

In “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, both Victor and the Monster are victims and villains in the novel. They both make choices that cause others pain.

In this essay, you will compare and contrast Victor and the Monster and address the question: Who was the greater monster? In your response you should write a discussion about at least three of the following things about both Victor and his creation: his appearance, education, motivation for actions, treatment of others, willingness to accept responsibilities for actions.

Your response should include specific references to the text (quotes or paraphrases) and should have a well-structured thesis asserting which of the character's actions were worse. Your essay should be at least four paragraphs long and should be structured well, with an introduction and conclusion. Proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

Read the poem “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” by William Wordsworth (pages 550-557) and describe the features of it that make it uniquely Romantic. Include at least three references to the aspects of the Romantic period that are found in this poem.

Your response should be at least three paragraphs long and should be structured well, with an introduction and conclusion. Proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

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Title: The 19th Century

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Essay Instructions: Question:
The Thinkers and artists of the Romantic era, while diverse and multi-faceted,often shared some similar approaches and viewpoints that enabled them to be categorized as "Romantics" by later historians. Using one source from Column A and one source from Column B, please deomstrate why and how these can be considered "Romantic". While you need to look for thematic commonalities,also address any inherent differences in the works that demonstrate the incredible variety and scope of this movement.

Column A: Delacroix,"Massacre at Chios"

Column B: POEM - "Tintern Abbey" by William Wordsworth

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Title: English Romanticism in the 1790s

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3717 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Select a work of literature [I selected Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth and will fax you a copy of the poem] during the 1790s. Relate how the work is representative of the time, the philosophical concepts of the era, how the music represents the time as well as the literature and art. Remember you are dealing with several diverse works over a span of time--the music may not be the exact date of the work of art but it must represent the era. The same holds true for all parts of your work. We repeat: the paper must include art work, music, political treatise, historical era, and literature. The paper then must cover 5 areas or be divided into 5 parts and these 5 parts do not cover the introduction or summation.

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