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Title: Till We Have Faces

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Essay Instructions: Read “Till We Have Faces” by C. S. Lewis. Then only from pages 130-225 write THREE thesis statements about only these sections from pages 130-225. Single Spaced comes out to one page. I have included two examples of papers from previous students on previous topics.
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Title: C. S. Lewis Till We Have Faces

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Essay Instructions: Read the book:
C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

Question to address:

• Generally: What do you understand Lewis to be saying about the process of conversion? Lewis’s treatment of Orual should be the springboard of your analysis and discussion.

• Elements of a good response:
o How would you describe Orual’s character at the beginning of the book? Use some of our other readings to examine her patterns of thought and behavior.

o Where does Orual end up at the end of the book? How has she changed, and how does this transformation come about? In following her transformation, you should pay attention to such things as her judgments, decisions, actions, relationships, and inspirations, etc. What allows her to move forward in her conversion? What holds her back? Pay particular attention to her relationship with the god(s). How are the gods active in her life? What is the difference between Orual’s perception of the gods’ activity and the truth? How is that difference overcome in Orual’s understanding?

o Stepping back from the particulars of the narrative itself, what does this novel have to say about the challenges that all humans face in terms of learning to flourish as human beings and in terms of discovering God?

Writing Requirements:

1. Do not use contractions in your essay. Contractions include words like isn't, won't, aren't, they'd, we're, I'm, etc.

2. In composing your essay, you should think in terms of leading your reader from the essay's start to its logical conclusion. A strong thesis statement may be a good way to begin. In a good essay, the importance of each sentence and paragraph, as well as its place within the essay, will be self-evident.

3. Try as much as possible to avoid lengthy quotations. If you quote from a text, you can cite it by putting the author’s name and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence in which the quote appears.

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