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Title: Tiger Woods

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Essay Instructions: This is a Case Study of "Tiger Woods" It will contain 10 distinct sections to be separated by the appropriate subtitles,written in narrative style through out (except for Ethical Issues Section-- explain in Case study outline). Paper will include: Thesis Statement,Fact Summary (minimum 300 words) of one specific current event. Using nuetral and unbiased language.fact include specific information about the event, i.e. Specific date(s) name(s) location(s) behavior(s) etc.Information from news media and professional published literature(nonfiction) that can be referenced.Include 3 references using APA style, In fact section demonstrae your reliance on objective sources. 5 inline citations of the case study. A statement of the main Ethical Issues (at least 5 issues) Bullet point each issue using a single sentence phrase as a specific question.Ethical questions are value questions, they asks things like 'should' and 'ought'. hey focus on 'rights' and rsponsibilities matter of justice and fairness.Your Position or (Position 1) with supporting arguments. citations from new media or professional literature to back up claim(300 words). Opposing aruguments (300 words)well developed arguments.Ethical Analysis #1(300 words) Virtue ethicist response such as Aristotle OR Hobbes to this event, What would be the greatest strength or greatest weakness of this perspective? Ethical Analysis #2(Duty Ethics Analysis) (300 words). Same questions as Analysis #1.How would Kant,or duty ethicist respond.(300 words) Ethical Analysis #3(Utilitarian Analysis) 300 words. How would Mill or Utilitarian respond (300 words), Concluding remarks, 5 professional references list APA style.

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Title: Tiger Woods

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Essay Instructions: Hi,
To whom is writing this paper, I'm eleven! Keep it simple!
This Biography is about Tiger Woods, and how I might compare myself to him. Well, first of all I like to play golf, football, basketball and motocross. I guess I might be like Tiger Woods in we both like athletics. I am faxing the Biography Questions and "Additional Entry Ideas". This is the last report of the year and I am tried of writing THEM!!! Please remember I'm in FIFTH GRADE.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: should the companies who dropped tiger woods take him back

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Essay Instructions: business ethics, the arguement should be in terms of normative rthics about the companies who dropped tiger woods should they take him back

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Title: Case Study and Nike

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1826 Sources: 2 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Read case study 1-4:

Angwin et al., 'Nike: Local Actions, Global Effects', pp. 27-30

Please answer the three questions at the end of the case (reproduced below).
1.How do you account for Nike's tremendous success up until the mid-90s?
2.Using ESTEMPLE, explain why Nike suffered a severe decline in 1997.
3.Do you think the decision not to dump Tiger Woods shows that Nike did not learn from their environmental shocks of the late 1990s, or that it shows they did learn from their later overreaction to those shocks?

The external environment
?The internal (company) environment

?mind maps help to identify basic ideas and specify the basic forces at work in a problem
?impact wheels depict the effects of trends, events or problems either currently or in the future
?why diagrams allow you to break down (analyse) the factors that lie behind the problem
?influence diagrams display causal mechanisms from which you can see how dynamic behaviour evolves.
?scenarios analysis: helps to clarify the key trends that might affect the future and we look at alternative futures (scenarios).

Porter?s generic strategies
Which generic strategy to pursue
The produce life cycle
This chapter has explored the two key frameworks in understanding the competitive environment:
?the wider - MACRO environment using the ESTEMPLE framework
?the narrower -MESO environment using the Porter's Five Forces framework

These frameworks help us to systematically understand or, at least, become sensitised to what is happening 'out there' and what it might mean for our firm. In doing so we also need to consider what strategic options we have and what our own reaction to competitor initiatives maybe. This depends on what our resources are

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