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Title: Freud's Prespective

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Essay Instructions: Reffering to the short story of "through the tunnel" will be faxed review freud's theories about psychosexual, dream interpretation, and personality. Apply his ideas about id, ego,superego; About the psychosexual stages particularly the phallic stage and about latent symbols in dreams and the unconscious mind to a "psychoanalysis" of Doris Lessings story "Through the Tunnel"

View Jerry's developmental from a Freudian prespective as he approaches puberty and adolescence, and interpret some of the elements in the story as if they were latent content in a dream- tunnel,the blood, the tanned brown skin of the natives, the "very white arm" of the mother the rocks etc

Analyze the boy's personality in terms of id ego and superego for example his feelings of "contrition" and "chivalry" towards his mother versus his urge to drive from the rock, identity/compete with the older boys,and prove himself
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