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Title: gender

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Essay Instructions: :
The Kimmel Text: Chapters 1 through 5, optional to include chapter 6.
The Kimmel and Aronson Reader: pages 39-58 by Gilbert Herdt; pages 82-94 by Daryl
Bem; pages 126 ? 167 which include pieces by Messerschmidt and West and
: Biological arguments, psychological theories, cross
cultural perspectives, and the sociological perspective on gender.
1. Summarize Two biological arguments about gender in our society, with at least one example from biological research from kimmel for each of the two arguments> second discusss at least one psychological theory of gender differences. Finally using at least one example of cross cultural evidence show how such data negate psychological and biological theories of gender 2 to 3 pages

1b. Sociology theorize that gender is scoially constructed> first summarize why sociologists propose that gender is socially constructed> Second how can we argue that gender is a socail institution? Discuss how kimmel makes the case for gender as an instution. Third disscus how we " go Gender with at least three examples from " six degrees of Separtion "
The point is to demonstrate your mastery and familiartiy with course material therefore incorporating evidences and discussion from other relvant chapters would be a good idea
please use all the material listed above readings and text online

The reading Michael s kimmel The genders scoiety can be found on line at

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Title: pychology of gender

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Essay Instructions: This writing assignment is primarily on the book "As Nature Made Him: A boy who was raised as a girl" by John Colapinto.

The 5 sources required are mainly Peer Review Journal Articles.

The assignment is as follows:

Use scientific theories of gender identity in order to explain the relative influence of nature and nurture of gender identity.
What does being a boy/girl/man/woman mean to David (the main character of the novel)?
What signaled gender to him (e.g. body parts, clothing, toys, friends, lovers)?
Can you disentangle gender identity from masculinity or femininity? if so, in what ways, if not, why not?

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Title: Gender

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Essay Instructions: Visual sociology analyze the visual images produced by society. in the assignment you will attempt to apply this definition of visual scoilogy to your scrapbook assignment
The main emphasis is on providing a scoilogical analysis through the use of the visual imgaes found in our culture on gender relation, gender stratification gender identities, sexualities
The assignment
choose a minimum of two themes in regard gender sociology
For instance you may may choose to focus your scrapbook assinment on Biological and psychological theories of gender
2. Select the image image must protray how they subscribe to
say a biological explanation of gender differnces
3. Provide a short analytical piece as to why this particular set of images illustrates a particular theorical viewpoint in gender sociology
There are several visual sociology websites you can check out of yourself a great source of visual sociology is Contexts a journal that is published by the american Sociological association focus more newer images and material
Total five images and one short about aparagraphy analyical piece on each
be creative

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