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Essay Instructions: Theatre History

Topic: Kabuki Drama

Describe the production as it would have been performed during its original presentation. Can (or should) the production be performed for a contemporary audience? If the answer is yes, present a contemporary version of the production. If the answer is no, detail the problems a contemporary audience would face. The paper is designed to test your imagination, creativity, and research skills. Since this is a research paper, you are expected to use correct notation and include a bibliography.

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Title: Module 9

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the history of Theatre of the Oppressed. Who was its founder and what
is its role in community development/social action? Using examples of two
productions, discuss the purpose of the production and its impact.

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Title: The Spectacle of Musical Theatre

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Essay Instructions: Possible questions

a) How has technology affected musical theatre?

b) Is the constant use of technology in musical theatre the reason for its popularity today?

c) Do musical theatre performances require a spectacle to draw audiences?

2. Subject

Looking at the progression of technology on stage. The use of new sound and light technology. The history of the spectacle used in musical theatre performances. Go back to the early 20th century. Mention Richard Doyle carte who thought it was necessary to build a theatre lit with electric lights (Savoy).

Semiotically technology has made the advertising of musical theatre easier. A clever producer with the right technology is now able to easily influence the audience to go and watch the show.

100 years ago, was it as easy to advertise in such a way, and was it as successful as today?

Use of lights to influence audience (semiotics). the use of intense lights in certain scenes to focus the audience

Without the use of technology, even in its simplest form (early 20th century for example) musical theatre wouldn’t be able to reach an audience in such a way. from the creation of the logo to the use of visual and audio technology on stage.

During the course of this work please be looking into the progression of technology in musical theatre and on stage. how does it affect us and how semiotically it is a useful tool to draw audiences and keep them coming back.

semiotics is the main theory used here. the way stage technology is used to affect an audience. Also Marxism as it is used to get seats sold and make money.

Chapters. these can be changed if needed.

Chapter 1

look at Richard Doyle carte who built first electric theatre for Gilbert and Sullivan. how the use of 'the spectacle’ on stage started. Look at the era he lived in and how technology such as television and radio are being introduced and the impact of these on entertainment.

Chapter 2

talk about producer Ziegfeld, producer of showboat. focus on showboat and what stage technology was used here.

Chapter 3

advertising and the theatre experience. go into detail about advertising techniques that rely heavily on the technology of today. look at the theatre experience as a whole, from the poster to the look of the theatre inside and out. utilise the theory of semiotics to explore how it affects audiences.

Chapter 4

modern musical theatre. shows like we will rock you where without the use of huge plasma screens and stage technology such as the surround sound implented the show may not be a success.

Chapter 5

Where musical theatre is going and what shows are expected to be released with the use of such spectacles.

Major critical theory areas covered - Semiotics and Marxism

I have a list of many sources that can be used if required.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: authors brief byography and short story of theatre

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Essay Instructions: Hello,

I would need a research paper done by Tuesday, March 5th for my English class.To be more specific:

I. Research each writer and give a brief biography:

a. Dylan Thomas
b. Arthur Miller
c. Walt Whitman
d. August Wilson
e. Seamus Heaney
f.Tennessee Williams
g.Miguel Cervantes

II Find a short History of:

Ancient Greek Theatre
Ancient Roman Theatre
Moliere and the French Theatre-17th Century
Commedia dell'Arte
Noh Theatre- Theatre of Japan
The Theatre of the Absurd

The professor does not accept any internet sites as "works cited". All the works cited must be taken from real books.

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