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Title: Chauncer

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Essay Instructions: Chaucer Essay Assignment .Please choose one of the following topics on which to write a substantial and fairly detailed essay. Be sure to identify any information you retrieve from online or printed sources and to clearly and correctly acknowledge and document those sources. Keep in mind that you do not need to answer all of the questions in the prompt when you write the essay. Use these questions as brainstorming tools to come up with content for your essay. Your goal will be to come up with an arguable thesis sentence that addresses some or all of the prompt, then to support that thesis with specific evidence from your chosen primary text.

1.Is the Wife of Bath a positive or negative figure in The Canterbury Tales? Readers of Chaucer have seen her in wildly different ways, from a “gargoyle” representing a lifestyle that should terrify them to an anticipation of a feminist or “ liberated woman.” How does her idea of woman’s sovereignty in marriage contribute to your view of her? What doesn’t she mention in her prologue that one might expect her to, and which might relate her thematically to the pilgrims whom we we look at in Lesson 4? (50 points)
2.Kittredge, the critic who postulated the existence of a “marriage group,” thought that the Franklin’s conception of a marriage without an absolute authority??"either the husband or the wife??"was an ideal solution to the problem of marriage and a good conclusion to the debate. (In fact he thought the Franklin expressed Chaucer’s own opinion.) More recent readers of the tale are not so certain. Does the tale contain details that may undercut Kittredge’s position somewhat? What about the question of “truth”? Can we see Arveragus’s insistence on keeping the empty name of sovereignty in his marriage as, in a way, fostering an illusion? Does this come up again when he forbids Dorigen to ever tell anyone about the affair with Aurelius? What is Dorigen’s motivation in setting the task of the disappearing rocks for Aurelius? Is the use of an illusion an appropriate device in the tale? What do you think of Arveragus’s response to Dorigen’s predicament? Which of the three men was the most noble?

The instructions for the first major paper have been made available. It will be due on November 18: please take a look at the prompt. Also, take a look at the assignment description and rubric in the syllabus. As you begin to write it, keep in mind that I am not asking for a complete, direct answer to all of the questions in the prompt. You should use these questions as brainstorming tools to help you generate ideas. Your primary goal should be to formulate a clear, arguable thesis that answers some of the brainstorming questions. Your essay will be made up of major points that support this thesis, points supported by evidence drawn from the primary text. Let the rubric be your guide in terms of what are the most important elements of the essay. The prompt does not include a specific word count, but it does need to be of a length appropriate to the prompt. If it is less than 750 words (about 3 typed, double-spaced pages), it is probably too short and you need to make a more substantial argument. If it is more than 1500, you might need to consider making it more focused and concise. Also, you are not required to use outside sources, and I would actually prefer that you do not. If you feel like you really need to, be absolutely sure that you cite borrowed material correctly, preferably using MLA format. You also need to be sure that your sources are authoritative sources. Wikipedia, SparkNotes,, or any site offering "sample" essays (i.e. cheat sites and paper mills) are not authoritative sources for college-level writing. Feel free to e-mail me or your coach if you have questions about this or any assignment.

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Title: Canterbury tAles

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Essay Instructions: THE WIFE OF BATHS TALE by Geoffrey CHAUCER VS> SHREK
What do you think Chaucer's purpose was in The WIfe of Baths talE? What do you think Chaucer is up to? What is his purposE? (Take into account the WIfe of BAth's prologue here, as it is interesting that Chaucer originally had her tellinganother story, probably THE SHIPMANS TALE. Why did he substitute this one? Given that thought, compare what Chaucer does to DE-romanticize the story and what ShREK! writers do to re-romanticize it. Use the video as your 'text". Talk about how the movie is more romantic than William Steig's original story, use the book Shrek, a storybook for kids. These COMPARISONS SHOW THAT BOTH CHAUCER AND THE SCREENWRITERS HAVE MANIPULATED THEIR SOURCES. CHAUCER MANIPULATES THE SHAPESHIFTER FOLKTALE AND SCREENWRITERS MANIPULATE STEIG'S 'SHREK' BOOK. FISUCSS NEW EFFECTS ACHIEVED BY SUCH MANIPULATION AND WHAT THE STORIES HAVE IN COMMON!!
If you
consider the Gawain stories as just a fairy tale about solving the riddle then disenchanting the maiden, how is Chaucer changing the story to make us think about something much deeper and more significant in the real world? He actually changes the subject of the story. After you've made your own comparison scheme like this for the one pair of tales, you can make another for the two versions of Shrek. Head the first section "Shrek the Book" and the second section "Shrek the Movie," then do
a comparison on the shape of the Shrek stories.

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Title: Wife of Bath and the Nun's Priest's Tale

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Essay Instructions: 1. How is the Wife of Bath's deafness related literally and metaphorically to her views on marriage?

2. What are some of the ways that the Nun's Priest's Tale moves beyond the simple moral of keeping your eyes open and your mouth shut? How does this connect with the Wife of Bath?

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Title: The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Essay Instructions: By 3am EST, I need a well-organized paper of at least 700 words, describe how the Wife of Bath (in 'The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale' by Geoffrey Chaucer) controls her first three husbands. Quote generously from the Middle English to support the claims.

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