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Instructions for The War Of 1812 College Essay Examples

Title: Discuss the internal problems America had during the War of 1812

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the internal problems America had during the War of 1812. This war was far from popular with many citizens. Why (be specific)? What was the result of these feelings?

The book we use is (The American Pageant 13th edition Volume1: to 1877 Kennedy-Cohen-Bailey) ISBN: 978-0-618-95873-3 You are free to use just that book or use other sources. This is for a discussion board, not a strict assignment.

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Essay Instructions: Read chapter 7 and answer the following: Starting in 1795 Britain and France began engaging in warfare in Europe that would eventually effect the newly organized United States and bring us into a war with Britain. 1. Trace the events leading to the War of 1812. Be very specific in describing the events. 2. What was the real reason we went to war with Britain when France was provoking us as well. In answering this discuss the role of Republican leadership in Congress and what their motives were. What were the major outcomes of the war? You should write a 2-3 page detailed essay on this one.

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Title: History

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Essay Instructions: What are the Major Problems in American History from the Orgins of the Revolution to the Close of the War of 1812? Why?

I need a thesis, three arguments supporting the thesis, and definition of any ambiguous terms.

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Title: Civil Liberties in Wartime

Total Pages: 20 Words: 6502 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: An analysis of the beneficial and detrimental effects of suppressing, or not suppressing, civil liberties in the United States when fighting a war. Slight emphasis on the War of 1812, Civil War, and Japanese internment during World War 2.

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