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Essay Instructions: Compose a well-constructed essay of a minimum of three pages and no more than five pages,
discussing at least three themes in Shakespeare?s The Tempest that can also be found in Patrick
Chamoiseau?s Solibo Magnificent. Be specific in your response, using quotes from the text where appropriate to support your statements. You may use any of the sources (texts, handouts) we have pondered in class, and you may use one outside source if you so choose.
Supporting handout for the tempest : of the cannibals by Michel de Montaigne
Published 1580
supporting handout for solibo: Martinique
by V.S. Naipaul
From The Middle Passage: The Caribbean Revisited. New York: Vintage Books, 1981.
A reader in a room by by Rose-Myriam R?jouis
Callaloo 2 2.2 (1999) 346-350
The themes i prefer are racism, language and colonialism.
Thank you.

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Title: The Tempest

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Essay Instructions: ? Theorize about the use of minor characters in The Tempest. In a play that is so underwhelmed with characters that might be considered major, how does Shakespeare reinvent the notion of the minor character? What does it mean to be a minor character? You may want to focus on one or two minor characters in particular.

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Title: Tempest

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Essay Instructions: We will pay $40.00 for the completion of this order.

Will need to be completed by somone who has read the tempest by shakespeare.

This essay will analyze one character from the play, comparing the
presentation in the text to the presentation in the performance by The
Acting Company on March 4.

Choose one of the following characters for your analysis:

Begin your assignment by writing a paragraph about what you think your
chosen character is LIKE. Be sure you are choosing something that can
be analyzed and proven, rather than giving a statement of fact. For
example, “Caliban is a victim.”
[A bad paragraph would begin, “Caliban is half-man,
half-monster.”—because that just states what the play already makes clear.

Your essay will analyze how the text of the play supports your
characterization of the person. Then it will address whether the performance
you saw supported or contradicted your own version of the character.

An introductory paragraph for the paper should look something like

1. Identify your topic (the play).
2. Identify the particular aspect you will address (your chosen
3. Give some definition of the character.
4. First part of thesis: your interpretation of the character.
5. Second half of thesis: the performance’s interpretation of
character, whether it is the same or different.

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Title: The Tempest

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Essay Instructions: The Tempest by William Shakespeare

In Act 4 , Scene 1, Prospero produces a masque or show about marriage for Ferdinand and Miranda. What aspects of married life do the images and speakers in the masque represent? What kind of marriage does Prospero want for his daughter? In other words, what is the point of this scene?

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