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Title: Vietnam War

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As has been apparent all semester, Vietnam had a profound and individualized effect on vast numbers of people. When you consider the stories we have read do you think these are purely the result of people living through a war, or are there distinctive features of the Vietnam War that shaped their experience? (use at least two of these readings, "A Rumor of War" Caputo, "Born on the Fourth of July" Kovic, "A World of Hurt" Reynolds, "The Sorrow of War" Ninh, "Last Night I Dreamed of Peace" Tram)


In the conclusion of her book "Winners and Losers", Gloria Emerson focuses on three Americans- Ambassador Graham Martin, Fred Branfman and Don Luce (pp 339-358). Briefly summarize these intertwined stories. What do you think the author is trying to convey by telling these stories? Do you think these are important stories to tell? Why?

Daniel Ellsberg became so disillusioned by the Vietnam war that he decided to break the law and release top secret documents. Drawing on the film "The Most Dangerous Man in America" and some chapters from his memoirs, can you explain why he became disaffected from American policy? Do you think high school students should learn from his story as a model to be emulated?

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