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Title: Public vs Private Security

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Essay Instructions: Introduction:
Security professionals realize that quite often the roles and subsequent responsibilities of public and private protection agencies differ dramatically, especially when other organizations are involved.


Recall the Little League parade that you routed in the previous lab section. Assume that the merchants who sponsored the parade contracted with a private firm to provide security to their businesses during the parade.
Assume that during the parade, a sniper fires three shots randomly into the crowd.
Compare and contrast the responsibilities of the contracted security firm with the responsibilities of the police as both entities react to the sniper shooting.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Essay #2
War Unit

Instructions: Please follow the instructions below very carefully. I will be evaluating your paper accordingly.

I. You are to use one of the following quotes as the core/thesis concept of your paper:

From Wartorn:

Must you carry the bloody horror of combat in your heart forever?
--Homer, The Odyssey

From Hurt Locker:

The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug.
--Chris Hodges

( I suggest you look up the word rush and any other words you do not know to be sure you are correctly understanding them in their context.)

II. You may use only the following sources to support the analysis in your paper:

?Dulce et Decorum Est?

?The Man I Killed?


?The Sniper?

?Hope Grows Here?

?My Men?

Hurt Locker

?The Gettysburg Address?

A war experience of someone you know personally: grand/parent, sibling, friend, etc. You may interview this person for purposes of this paper.

If you have had combat experience, you may make use of it as well, but it must not overwhelm the paper. Your paper should be a broad analysis, not a reportage of your experience.

In 3-4 pages, apply one of the quotes to an analysis of 3-4 sources in the list.

III. Structure of Your Paper

1. Intro

A. Hook
--You may use one of the above quotes here.
--Do NOT begin with a series of rhetorical questions that have little or no relation to each other.
B. Brief Overview of each of the sources you will discuss
C. Thesis statement
Ex. For these characters and their counterparts in every war everywhere, the experience of war has left their hearts and minds forever broken.
Ex. While war is a horrifying experience, it need not compromise one?s humanity.
Ex. However horrifying the experience of battle, it is possible for soldiers to find their way back to a normal and healthy life.

2. Body

A. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence (not a quote!).
Ex. In ?The Man I Killed? the central character is already obsessed with the man he has killed and, by extension, with the act of killing itself. (Note that both the title and the key point are stated.)

B. From there, summarize the story?from beginning to end in order to show the development of the process--incorporating 3-4 key quotes to support your analysis. (This would obviously not be the case with Wartorn; for that, you would select meaningful portions on which to focus.)

C. End with a concluding statement that echoes the topic sentence. (Again?not a quote! Quotes should support, not frame your analysis.)

--Continue with the analysis with 2-3 more readings/movies using the identical structure. As you move from one to the next, be sure to use transitional language: ?Hurt Locker? is another example of how the unnatural brutality of war can become a craving.

3. Conclusion

A. Begin with a restatement of your thesis.

B. Review each of the sources you have analyzed in light of your thesis. Do not rush yourself and try to incorporate all of your sources into one sentence or a series of fragments. Without rehashing all you have written about each, allow each its separate space.

C. End reflectively. If you cannot find something meaningful to say, take some time to freewrite about what you have read and watched. You want your final thoughts to have depth and impact. Don?t rush to end. This topic merits more respect than a quick ending suggests.

Be sure to give yourself the opportunity to freewrite and predraft. Freewriting will open your thoughts and insights about each source you are using. Don?t hesitate to re-read or re-view source material. Think about what you have read and watched. If you interview someone, do so with sensitivity. Ask that person what he/she thinks about the quote you are using. When you have finished your paper, read it aloud to see how it sounds. Does it make sense? Ask someone else to read it, someone who will give you honest and helpful feedback.

I will be grading the draft that you hand in to me. You then have the option of revising, but it is not mandatory. You also may conference with me if you choose.

Due Date: November 22 for TR class and November 18 or by email by Nov. 22 for Friday class?in other words, before Thanksgiving!

Excerpt From Essay:

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