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Title: Poetry

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Essay Instructions: This is an explication essay which essentially is a short analysis describing the possible meanings and relationships of the words, images and other units that make up a poem, specifically, William Blake's "The Sick Rose." I must try to connect the poem's plot and conflicts with its structural features. What elements are important in the poem in order to reach an understanding of the entire poem. The essay must have a thesis statement and the body of the essay must contain examples from the poem to back up the thesis. Quoting from the poem is essential in interpreting the poem. No critical materials are necessary.

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Title: Eng

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Essay Instructions: Answer 10--your choice. The key to is careful reading of the text and of the question, but the use of the text in supporting your answer...don''t be afraid to quote/paraphrase portions to support your own assertions. The length of your answers should range from 1/2 page to 2 pages. Remember to acknowledge the works and authors in your answers and to keep an eye out for grammatical and technical issues.

1. Discuss how societal expectations play a part in "The Sorrowful Woman."

2. Examine a static character.

3. Examine a dynamic character.

4. Analyze the title "A Doll''s House" as it relates to the theme and characters within the work.

5. Discuss how setting is used in "The Storm."

6. Examine the symbolism in "The Sick Rose."

7. What common ideas do you find in the works we''ve read. Discuss at least two concepts/themes.

8. In a moral court of public opinion, who would you find more "guilty"--Calixta or Nora?

9. What is the key issue as you see it in "The Storm"?

10. The works cover a wide range of time--were you, as a scholar or as a reader, surprised at any consistancies or discrepancies in theme or idea?

11. What does Sammy gain by action on "principal" and quitting his job?

12. Definitions of the term "lust" often range from "pleasure,delight" to "intense sexual desire." Do you think these definitions apply to the "lust" of the narrator in Minot''s poem, "Lust"?

Bonus: 5 pts. Relate a song to one of the works we''ve been discussing.

Reference: Bedford Introduction to Literature Sixth Edition
A Sorrowfu Woman by Gail Godwin
A Doll House by Isben
The Storm by Kate Chopin
The Sick Rose by Blake
In reference to Sammy - A&P by John Updike

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Title: William Blake histiry bibliography

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Essay Instructions: Write a research/thesis paper on William Blake.
making an argument (thesis) about his continuing importance and/or influence.

There are several components to the research:
historical (during what historical period did the poet live and how was it relevant to his or her work?),
biographical (about your chosen figure),
critical (about the work of your chosen figure.)

In terms of the latter, chose 3 poems of major figure and research the critical response to them by literary scholars.

If possible use one of these 3:
( "A Divine Image","Evening Star","The Sick Rose")

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