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Title: Response Paper

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Essay Instructions: The Remains of the Day

Write a 3 page paper in which you close read an exceprt of your choosing (maximum 2 sentence). Create a creative YET descriptive title. Read the passage carefully, thinking through it on the levels mentioend below and/or asking questions of it through the categories outlined below. Then you will formulate a thesis/argument that will guide and structure your essay, The thesis mostly focuses on the passage but it connects it to the work as a whole, and even to the historical context of the work.

You will need to break your passage down into details, being sure to do the following:
Quote the specific detail
Explain the specific detail
Interpret the detail
Connect it to your thesis

For example: if your thesis argues that the use of a certain war metaphor in a passage reflects the ongoing conflict during the period the text was written, then you would choose a war metaphor ("the battlefield of life") then explain what it meansm then intrpert it through analyzing and discussing it (in the context of the rest of the passage for example) finally connecting it to your larger thesis.

Close reading is a key element of literary studies. It means to pay close attentiion to what is written in the text and to produce an a careful and sustained intreperatation based on these textual details w. While a closereading starts with and remains connected to what is actually wirtten in the text, it goes beyond simply describing or paraphraising the text to actually engaging with it, respoiding to itm analyzing and interpreting.

This can be done by considering the passage on several levels. Taken from "What is a close reading)

1) Linguistic ( p pay attetion to the surface linguistic terms of the text - covabualary , grammar, syntax) You may also note things as figures of speech or any other feature which contribute to the writer's individual style.

You take account at a deeper level of what the words mean- that is, what information yield up, what means they denote.

3) Structural
You note the possible relationships between the words within the texts - and this might include items from either the linguistc or semantic types of reading.
You note the relationship of any element of the text to things outside it.These might be items of social or cultural history or even other academic disciples which might seem relevant such as philisophy or psychology.

Another way is to ask a series of questions of the text in a number of different categories..
1)Frist impressions
3) Patterns
4) Point of View and Characterization
5) Symbolism

Create a creative YET descriptive title.
You will not need and this paper does not require outside sources other than close reading of the text.
Please please do not use uncited sources; as the professor is extremely fond of turn it in, ha ha ;p

Please keep the wording simple as I am an ESL student; thank you.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: The remains of the day

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Essay Instructions: So I need you to make an argument concerning an issue that arises in the Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ichiguro.

It is an argument not an analysis, so I think you guys need to make the essay based on personal opinion.

I personally want to talk about Steve the butler and Mrs. Kenton relationship, because it is quite interesting.

The format of the essay should be in MLA.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: 20th Century British Literature

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Essay Instructions: Ishiguro, Kazuo. The Remains of the Day.

The Remains of the Day takes place at a specific historical moment in 1956, a moment that Ishiguro envisions as the end of British imperial power. Locate and analyze the signs of this change. How does the end of Britain as imperial power serve as an analogue for Stevens’ identity as butler????
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Title: Interpretation

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Essay Instructions: A two page paper on the following:

You are to offer a unique (idiosyncratic) interpretation of the following from page 69 of The Remains of the Day: “Some people say we farm people get used to animals being hurt or killed, but that’s just not true. My little boy cried for days. It’s so good you stopped for Nellie.” You are also supposed to identify two other instances in the novel that could be understood in the same way you are suggesting. Those two other moments from the novel have to come from second half of the book, 129-245 ** Nothing later than this page.

Ofcourse in text citation applies, all quotes to be quoted have to be mentioned and cited accordingly.

Please keep the written english as simple as possible; as I'm an ESL student. Please don't resort to plagiarism as this particular professor is in love with Turn It In ha-ha.

Excerpt From Essay:

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