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Title: Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage

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Essay Instructions: Essay Question to complete:
Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage represents one among many later nineteenth-century artistic attempts to both confront and contemplate the national trauma that was the American Civil War. This paper asks you to consider Crane’s methods and motives for doing so. USING EVIDENCE FROM THE TEXT, organize your response around the following two questions: HOW (that is, through what tone, images, language, or any other literary devices you might choose to emphasize) does Stephen Crane depict the experience and motivations of common soldiers in the conflict, and WHY did Crane choose to present the Civil War in the manner he did.
Remember: Stephen Crane was a novelist re-imagining events in 1895 that he had no direct personal experience with (though it is interesting to note that many Civil War veterans truly believed he HAD seen combat). This means he consciously chose to shape events in a particular way. This essay thus asks you to elaborate upon and explain those artistic choices.

A good essay will:

1. Demonstrate your understanding of the topic. Do not simply offer your opinion. Rather, you must provide EVIDENCE from the text to support any conclusions you reach. Neither should you simply string together a series of quotations from the book. The essay should reflect a careful balance between your analysis and supporting material from Crane’s account of the American Civil War.

2. Be written in your best English prose and proofread carefully, using complete sentences and proper punctuation, while avoiding the use of slang. Be sure to remember the following:

A. This is an essay about historical events. Refer to the past in the past tense.

B. Do not use contractions. In formal writing, words such as “can’t” and “wasn’t” should be written out as “cannot” and “was not.”

C. Do not write in the first person. Words such as “I,” “me,” and “my,” e.g. the expression “In my opinion…” should not appear in formal prose.

D. Avoid the passive voice. Sentences should contain subjects and active verbs. One knows a passive construction by excessive appearance of the word “was.” For example: the sentence “Henry Fleming was scared repeatedly by the violence of battle.” should be rewritten in active voice to read: “The violence of battle repeatedly frightened Henry Fleming.”

3. Should be properly organized. This includes:

A. An introduction that clearly spells out what you intend to argue, in the form of a concise THESIS STATEMENT.

B. Several substantive paragraphs that gather evidence in support of each dimension of the essay question.

C. A conclusion that concisely summarizes your argument and supporting evidence.

4. When citing evidence, you may use parenthetical references at the end of any sentence that uses quotations from Crane’s novel. Write it as: (Crane, xx.) The “xx” represents whatever page number your piece of quoted evidence is drawn from.

***Please note: some versions of the text contain other short stories in addition to The Red Badge of Courage. You DO NOT need to read those to complete this paper.***

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: American Literature

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Essay Instructions: Answer the four following questions, each answer should be about 500 words. There will be 1 question from each genre;(poetry, short story, novel, play)

1. Discuss poetic sound devices in Sandburg's "Prarie Waters by Night." How do these devices help support the poem's theme?
2. Explore how point of view works to characterize Peyton and to support the theme in Ambroce Bierce's "Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge."
3. Discuss narrative structure in The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. How does the combination of omniscient and external points of view help us understand Henry's character and the intensity of his conflicts?
4.In the "Requiem" of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, what do we see about how Biff and Hap respond to the dream their father held his own life? What do their reactions suggest about the play's theme(s)?

Excerpt From Essay:


"After reading three books which deal with war and reading the quotes from several thinkers in "On War,"
make your own statement on the subject" (the statement refers to war itself, using supporting ideas from the three-books and the quotes)
Basicly just try and make a statement on war based on the books and those qoutes, You can find the spark notes and litguides im sure online as I don't plan on you reading the entire text. Bellow are the resources and what he refers to as the three books along with the quotes on war. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions.

The follow resources:

The quotes "On War" refer to:

The first books refer to The Red Badge of Courage by Steven Crane: which can be found here

The second book refers to A farewell to arms By Ernest Hemingway which can be found here

And the third book refers to The The things they Carried by Tim O'brien. Which can be found here
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Excerpt From Essay:

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