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Title: Fiction Essay

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Essay Instructions: Instruction
For the thesis and outline, write a fiction essay comparing and contrasting the two stories “The Lottery” and “The Most Dangerous Game”. The essay should be 750 words (3 pages), double-spaced with 1" margins. Font size is 12-point, Times New Roman. APA format. You should use any additional sources, be sure that you fully cite all quotations, summaries and paraphrases.
Note: Use the thesis Statement and the Outline that you have done as source to do The Fiction Essay
Thesis statement:
A reader of both Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” must decide when murder can be an acceptable action. Is the tradition of an annual stoning acceptable? Is murder as a game acceptable? Is murder as self-defense acceptable? Each story asks the reader to understand the context in which the murders are taking place and to determine if the murders were justified.
In “The Lottery” Jackson asks the reader to consider if tradition is an acceptable reason for murder. The annual tradition of the lottery and the stoning has become just another event is the life of the village. The lottery is a ritual using the same wooden box, the same mode of selection and killing and always takes place on the same date. Prior to the drawing, the community members express goodwill and fellowship amongst themselves; once the victim has been chosen, the community is united in its’ duty to stone the selected person. The story turns from love for all to hatred for one. Jackson raises the question of justifiability by having a few of the villagers question the practice of the lottery. They wonder if it is a tradition, which has outgrown it purpose.
In “The Most Dangerous Game”, hunting is the tradition of wealth men. During the voyage on the way to hunt jaguar, Rainsford and Whitney discuss the thrill of the hunt and debate if the jaguar feels any fear while being chased and killed. Later in the story, Rainsford becomes the hunted for the pleasure and thrill of General Zaroff. Rainsford is force to kill Zaroff in self-defense. The contrast between killing prey for the sport of it and killing for the purpose of self-defense poses the question of is Rainsford’s killing of Zaroff a justifiable reason for murder.

Essay outline:

1. Introduction: Can murder be justified?

2. Does tradition justify the stoning in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”?
a) The community
• The community’s interaction prior to the lottery
• The community’s interaction after the Hutchinson family is selected
• The community’s interaction with Tessie Hutchinson is selected

b) Is the tradition still relevant?
• The traditions of the lottery
• Those who cling to the tradition
• Those who were questioning the tradition

3. Is hunting, no matter what the prey, justifiable?
a) Is hunting acceptable when the prey is an animal, such as Rainsford and Whitney’s hunting of jaguar?
• The thrill of the hunt
• The long standing tradition of hunting
• The social standing of the hunter

b) Is hunting wrong when the prey is another human?
• Zaroff’s hunt of Rainsford

4. Is self-defense a justifiable reason for murder?
• Tessies’s pleas for her life
• The cape buffalo’s attract on Zaroff
• Rainsford killing of Zaroff

5. Conclusion ??" what position did each author have on murder and its’ justification?

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Title: Autobiography of a Reader

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Essay Instructions: I will fax Information that I have put together about my reading habits along with my personal reading time line and books that I have read. Fyi I am not an advid reader I would describe my reading habits as fadish. Comes and goes in and out of style type of reader. This paper should be filled with descriptive information that puts the reader at the place you write about.
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Title: how magazine articles influence hispanic readers

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Essay Instructions: Hi, i need a interduction written on how. how magazine articles influence hispanic readers. i've already have some of the interduction done, i just need more info added and it broken down in to a presentation for a group project. my part will need to be 5 mins. i will need pictures and key facts on the history of magazines and how they effect hispanic readers. heres is what i have started. i also will need all the research material. i also would like billieplus3 to work on it because he also did a similar on for me. i will only need the interduction done the same way this time.

Magazine articles are one of the oldest methods of information available today many viewers, especially the older and younger generation, may feel more comfortable using the articles to obtain the information they desire from the physical connection with in the article. In 2006, Syvonate a marketing research company conducted a survey on behalf of the Magazine Publishers of America and the Hispanic Magazine Coalition by surveying 901 Hispanic magazine viewers on what kind of advertisement media they prefer. When the study was revealed it indicated that Hispanics trusted magazine articles more than any other form of information, because of the emotional and social connection with the article. (citation).

The goal of a magazine article is to influence the reader on current social trends. When the goal is met, it will create an influential connection with the Hispanic viewer, by reflecting upon their everyday lives.
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Title: A reader's response to The Third Man by Graham Greene

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Essay Instructions: This is a "readers response" to "The Third Man" by Graham Greene. It must be 2 pages long. It must assert a claim or interpretation of the novel. It must address the narrative structure and theme of the novel. Their MUST NOT BE ANY PLOT SUMMARY, because this essay assumes that the reader is already well informed. It must also include at least 4 quotes from the novel to support points made.

Excerpt From Essay:

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