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Title: Ethics and the Administration of Justice

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: Movie Review
• Resource: Ethics in Crime and Justice text
• Refer to Review Question 6 on p. 285 to complete this assignment.
• Choose a movie that presents a legal dilemma.
Suggested movies are:
? Criminal Law
? Penalty Phase
? Presumed Innocent
? Erin Brockovich
? A Time to Kill
? Runaway Jury
? The Firm
? A Few Good Men
? The Rainmaker
• Analyze the ethical dilemma presented in the movie by writing 1,400-1,750 words about
the topics below:
? Summarize the movie plot briefly.
? Describe the ethical dilemma from the perspective of each of the main characters
? Describe how the dilemma was resolved.
? Explain the kind of ethical framework that best describes how the dilemma was analyzed and resolved by the characters involved.
? Consider whether the ethical framework used to resolve the dilemma was an effective solution. Would a different framework have resulted in a better outcome?
? Explain why you think legal dramas and dilemmas make for interesting entertainment.
• Follow APA guidelines.

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Title: Law movie analysis and research

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Essay Instructions: Critical Analysis - Requirements

We are going to do term papers based on a film you watch and how it relates to topics we are studying this semester. Watch one of the films and write a 3-5 page paper on the LEGAL subject matter of the film and how it relates to a topic or topics from our course/text/discussions. Second, choose one historical event (recent or not) and relate it to the legal issues in the film. For instance, if you choose Silkwood, you will probably write about corporate ethics, and the obvious historical event would be PG&E and the Erin Brockovich debacle.

Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT simply "review" the film. I'm not looking for Roger Ebert or a film critic, I am looking for the substance of the film and how it relates to the law!! Please ask me if you have any questions about how to do this paper. I will be happy to help!


1. Class Action 1991 (with Gene Hackman)

2. The Rainmaker 1997 (with Matt Damon)

3. Silkwood 1983 (with Meryl Streep)

Submit the analysis via the drop box only! If you want me to review a draft prior to grading you can e-mail the paper as an attachment with your request for a review. The final draft MUST be submitted via the drop box.

The assignment will be 3 to 5 pages, word processed, double-spaced. Title your paper and put your name and course on the first page. The paper is 100 points and while this is not English Comp, I will deduct for really bad grammar, spelling, format, etc. Write a professional paper!

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