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Title: Desiderius Erasmus Selection from The Praise of Folly

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Essay Instructions: Paper is to be written about the Reading: Desiderius Erasmus Selection from The Praise of Folly from the book: Readings in the Western Humanities Seventh Edition by Roy T Matthews & F DeWitt Platt.(One source material)
Also need to use The Western Humanities Seventh Edition Text by Roy T Matthews & Thomas F X Noble (another source material)
Covering the following:
1. In this passage, Erasmus criticizes three groups: the writing establishment, the learned professions, and religious orders. Summarize, using specific examples, his criticisms of these three groups.
2. The Praise of Folly is a work of satire. What means does Erasmus use to make his satirical points? Compare and contrast Erasmus's satirical methods with those used by social critics today.
3. Why pick this reading?
4. How does this reading contribute to the text: The Western Humanities Seventh Edition by Roy T Matthews & Thomas F X Noble.

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Essay Instructions: An essay that compares and contrast Thomas More's use of Raphael Hythloday as a narrator and character in Utopia to Erasmus's use of Folly as a narrator and character in The Praise of Folly. I need to explain how the similarities and differences discussed demonstrate a debatable argument about Erasmus and More's purpose in the specific sections of The Praise of Folly and Utopia. 2 sim and 2 diff.

Each topic sentence for each body paragraph should summarize a specific similarity or difference between the two characters. The remainder of the paragraph should cite concrete evidence and examples from the stories for the claim made in the topic sentences. The introduction and conclusion must state clearly how these sim/diff demonstrate the debatable argument about More's and Erasmus' purpose in the sections of the works discussed.

I will need a thesis statement also that summarizes the main point in a one sentence thesis statement.

I cannot you things such as "I am" or "I think"

I do not have to have any outside sources I just have to use the two stories and do not include any unnecessary quotations. I have to be sure that quotes included really support my argument and explain how they do.

The two text used are Utopia, translated by Clarence H. Miller and The Praise of Folly translated by Robert M Adams

I have tried to be as detailed as I can, I hope it is not to much. I can be reached for questions at . Please call if you cannot do this paper as soon as possible.

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Title: compare contrast

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Essay Instructions: World Literature I
For your second essay you will choose one of the following options and construct an argument that addresses that option. Keep in mind that the texts serve as evidence to substantiate your argument; refer to the texts often and well, by both quoting and paraphrasing; remember to explain sufficiently the significance of the textual evidence you have provided. This paper should be between 1200 and 1500 words in length and follow MLA format. Through writing this paper you should display a command of the ability to read closely, to develop sophisticated and compelling arguments based on your reading, to substantiate those arguments with textual evidence, and to write with a command of standard written English on the sentence level.

No outside research is required for this paper.
Works to compare or contrast or to use in any of these options : Fuente Ovejuna, of the power of the imagination, don quixote, othello, the praise of folly, or thorsetin the staff struck. Book we use is nortons anthology.
1. Compare and contrast how the artist is depicted within two or more of the works that we have read so far.
You might want to address how and if a concept of “genius” is presented. Consider whether or not the creation of art is a collaborative. What is the source of inspiration for the artist? Is there such a thing as inspiration? What is the purpose of the art; i.e. the advancement of political ends, the creation of beauty, the recording of history, etc?

2. Address how humanity is depicted in two of the works. Are people necessarily born with the propensity for good, or are they born into depravity? Are flaws and good deeds performances or the result of an innate identity?

3. Address how reason and passion are addressed within at least two of the works we have read. Consider whether these two forces are necessarily at odds with one another and which is the nobler and more powerful of the two forces.

4. Address how two or more of the works depict ambition. Do the works valorize the desire for achievement or personal honor? What is the object of ambition in the texts?

5. Compare how reason/folly or sanity/madness are depicted within two of the works that we have read. Consider what the criteria are for distinguishing between the two aspects of these dichotomies. Consider who, according to these works, is responsible for classifying a person, idea, or emotion into one of these categories.

6. Compare the moral and ethical systems of two characters, from two different works. How do they decide what is right and wrong? Are there certain institutions that influence their moral and ethical outlooks?

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Essay Instructions: For the prospective essay in the exam, I would like you to write your favorite among the eight authors we have studied so far. Focus on a minimum of three specific artistic features of the text(s) to justify your preference. You should try to incorporate, as much as possible, such critical concepts?hopefully ?weapons? in your own ?armory??like fabula and sjuzet, defamilarization, genre (parody, sonnet, romantic epic, the picaresque, etc.), and the use of figurative language.
You can also write as a comparative essay.

The eight authors include of :
Francis Petrarch? The ascent of Mount Ventoux?
Desiderius Erasmus?? The praise of Folly?.
Machiavelli ? The prince?.
Ludovico Ariosto ? Orlando?s great madness? &? Angelica Encounters Orlando?.
Marguerite De Navarre ?? The Heptameron?
Francqis Rabelais ?? Gargantua and Pantagruel?
Miguel De Cervantes ??Don Quixote? and ??Prologue?

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