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Title: Chaucer and Pearl poet

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Essay Instructions: The focus is on the poems of Chaucer: "Book of the Duchess," "Parliament of Fowls," and "Troilus and Criseyde" and the Pearl poet: "Pearl," "Purity,(aka Cleanness)" "Patience," and "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." The two reveal their own literary characteristics in a variety of subtle ways. Identify one of these characteristics for each author, describe it carefully using several examples from the text, and show how similar and/or different it is from the selected characteristic of the other author. Avoid choosing "fondness for a certain subject" as the characteristic that interests you. The subjects these authors write about are less important for your paper than the way they treat these subjects. It would be adviseable to choose literary techniques that invite comparison. Similarly, each author's method of exegesis could be interesting, one might prefer a narrator's statement, while the other perhaps lets characters speak for themselves. Each author's view of the literary work itself could be fruitful: one author may see the work as a progression through time, the other as an organic whole. Do not merely compare the two authors. Narrow the thesis and make it as fine and specific as possible and be able to fully support the thesis with quotations from the poems. Describe, discuss, and compare the selected techniques these authors display. It would not suffice to claim that one technique is more successful than the other. It would also be more interesting to keep both authors before the readers' eyes at all times, instead of devoting a specific number of pages to each author. Be thoroughly aware of the current criticism concerning the works mentioned of both authors, but the paper should not be heavily annotated. The evidence should be in the works and the language. If you are ambitious, quote both authors using the same symbols of Middle English.

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Title: Steinbeck The Pearl

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Essay Instructions: Hello,

The Research Paper needs to focus on the religious aspects in "The Pearl"by John Steinbeck. The Professor is real picky about the thesis statement and the contents.
Thank you
Ute Bischoff

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Title: Economic Geography of Pearl Market in Bahrain

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Essay Instructions: This paper should be about the pearl market in the country of Bahrain.
The paper should start with a historical paragraphs of Bahrain and the British Empire and how similar Bahrain situation was to Newfoundland, as both were colonies for fishing.

Then draw upon the traditional fishing market and pearl diving in Bahrain.

More talk about the pearl diving as a cultural and economic practice. Include some statistics tables.

Talk about the collapse of the peal market in Bahrain with the introduction of cultured artificial pearls by Japan and else where. Include statistics table to support this. And include any other economic indicators to support this. Also talk about how globalization had an impact on this economic change.

Talk about the shift of pearl market and pearl diving in the modern days in Bahrain as a recreational practice and tourist attraction. Also include statistical tables to support this and any other economic indications to support this. Also talk about how globalization effected this economically, culturally, socially, and ecologically. This is important and should be the essence of the paper.

Other than globalization, summarize and describe the key economic actors, or any other actors, that have been involved in the changes of the pearl industry from a livelihood to recreation.

Summarize initiatives that are underway to mitigate negative impacts of globalization to the current pearl market in Bahrain.

Suggest some future steps that might be taken to enhance positive or minimize negative future impacts of globalization to the current pearl market in Bahrain.

Overall, the paper should emphasize on globalization and other economics indicators and statistics tables and analysis. This is very important.

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: I need a thesis/research paper written discussing "How social classes affects society and its people"(Morals...responsibility...behaviors...views..anything) through discussing and analyzing literary works. Some of the literary works that should be included are. "Pygmalion", by Gerge Bernard Shaw, "The Importance of Being Ernest", by Oscar Wild, "The Frill", by Pearl Buck, "The Pearl", by Jhon Steinbeck.
Must be double spaced, MLA style, number of words written at the end of report, Times New Roman font type.
Please call me if you have any questions.

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