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Title: Appelfeld Wiesel Kosinski

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Essay Instructions: I need you to answer 8 questions, each answer should be half page long for the total of 4 pages. Questions are about the following books:

1.Ahron Appelfeld, Badenheim 1939
2.Elie Wiesel, Night
3.Jerzy Kosinski, The Painted Bird

Q1 re: novel 1 - Badenheim
Describe the atmosphere of life at the Badenheim resort in 1939. What does it feel to be a Jewish quest there?

Q2 Explain the significance of the Sanitation Dept.What double meaning does the term "sanitation" suggest? Why do the guests agree to register.

Q3 Of all the characters in the novel, who stands out the most? Why?

Q4 Reveal the last chapter of Badenheim 1939, paying particular attention to the last sentence of the novel. What does this sentence tell us about Dr. Poppenheim, who speaks it? In a larger sense, what does it tell us about the attitude of certain Jews toward the coming Holocaust?

Q5 re:Elie Wiesel's Night
What is the significance of the theme of madness in the novel especially in the characters of Mosne the Beadle and Madame Schachter on the train? Who is truly mad in a world i which such an event as Holocaust can happen?

Q6 What was the most painful episode of this book?

Q7 re: Kosinski's The Painted Bird
Explain the boy's attitude toward the Nazi soldiers he meets? Chapt. 7

Q8 Why does the boy have no name, why is it unclear whether he is a gypsy or a Jew, and why is the location of the novel not specified?

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