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Title: Odyssey and Aeneid

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Essay Instructions: Respond to the following items in your own words; when you refer to the particulars from any sources, whether primary or secondary, be sure to acknowledge your use of such materials. Adhere to MLA style documentation methods when citing these sources. There are no specific length requirements, just what you need to answer the essay questions.

1. Reflect upon Homer's Odyssey; consider yourself the child of Odysseus, waiting and hoping for his return. Here is the twist: rather than being his son, anticipating ways in which you can assert your manhood by ejecting the suitors and otherwise rising to the occasion, you are his daughter. You pick your own name, and narrate your experience. Your narrative must follow the plot of the epic, and yet, as you may imagine, your role will be distinct from that of Telemachus. Keep your account short and in the first person; you do not have to produce the narrative in poetic form, but you may (don't rhyme the lines!). You do, however, have to include three similes, as these seem to be essential to Homeric verse. Other than that, the stage is yours. Include important events, but, again, you haven't the time or space to narrate the entire Odyssey. Create a convincing version of events as they might have been experienced by the daughter of Odysseus; you can have her break Homeric conventions or adhere to them, as you choose.

2. Consider the case of Aeneis, particularly vis a vis that essentially Roman quality and concept of Pietas. Discuss some ways in which he must wrestle with personal desires and needs in order to remain true to the attitude required by Pietas. How does Virgil's epic present the relationship between duty and private life or love. Cite specific instances in which Aeneis is challenged on his journey to found Rome; quote from the epic in support of your decision; you may also make use of the apparatus provided by Davis, et al; however, be sure to acknowledge your use of their discussion, whether you have paraphrased or quoted. Include a comment or two on the nature of Moles, that sense of suffering or loss that must occur as part of the process devoted to the fated founding of great people.

3. Compare and contrast the roles of figures such as Circe and Nausica in the Odyssey with Dido of the Aenied. It is clear that Virgil draws consciously from the Iliad and the Odyssey in composing his epic. What does he take from Homer in respect to figures who detain his journeying hero? In your discussion, comment on the relationship between Dido and Aeneis; what do they have in common? Consider her history. What does he not say with her? What is her reaction to his departure? Does he ever see her again? Discuss his attitude toward the relationship. What has Juno to do with any of this? Again, quote from the work as well as any useful discussion provided by the editors; document your use of these sources.

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Essay Instructions: **Paper on Homer's Odyssey, translated by Stanley Lombardo**

General guidelines:

1). Please use specific examples from the poem. 2). An acceptable paper will acknowledge, describe, and respond to a counterargument, that is, to the best argument someone who disagreed with your thesis could put forward against it.


1. Does suffering have a value in the Odyssey? If so, what is it, and is it felt to be adequate recompense for the pain? In your response, be sure to discuss at least two specific examples (scenes, characters, etc.) from the poem to support and develop your argument.

Help on Developing a working thesis:

1. Starting from the definition of suffering you worked on in class, formulate an idea (working thesis) about the value of suffering in the Odyssey.
2. Locate and make a list of specific textual evidence from the poem that supports and helps you expand your thesis.
3. Locate and make a list of specific textual evidence from the poem that challenges, disturbs or complicates your working thesis
4. Write a paragraph that address the complicating evidence you found in step three. What problems does it pose to your original thesis statement? Why? How does it force you to expand your thinking? Remember to keep asking yourself the question "So what?"

Checklist: 7 Criteria!

Ideas - the meaning and development of the message
Organization - the internal structure of the piece
Voice - the way the writer brings the topic to life
Word Choice - the specific vocabulary the writers uses to convey meaning
Sentence Fluency - the way the words and phrases flow throughout the text
Conventions - the mechanical correctness of the piece
Presentation - the overall appearance of the work

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Title: The Odyssey

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Essay Instructions: Book 14 of the Odyssey by Homer Class Presentation

You will be responsible for leading us through a careful analysis and discussion of your assigned Book. You should read your assigned Book carefully with an eye to thoses elements of plot, character, and theme we have discussed to date. You may include a brief summary, but as everyone will have read the Book you are presenting, this isn't absolutely necessary. It is more important that you point out the elements of interest that occur in your book reocurring characters, Odysseus's actions and what they tell us about him, important plot developments or devices, themes, lierary figures or techniques.You may also want to point out connections between the events that occur in your Book and your own experience or parallels between your Book and movies you've seen or books you've read.

You shouls plan to speak for about 10 minutes. You should prepare handouts for your classmates, which you can distribute. For instance, you may want them to re-read a particular passage and take notes on the vocabulary or on specific use of language or on specific actions or words of a major character with the intention of using that re-reading and those notes to launch a discussion topic or make a particular point. Be creative as you approach this assignment.

Must reference lines from the book14

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Title: The Odyssey

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Essay Instructions: I will send the questions for the essay via email. You should just answer the questions for the essay, and the answer should be only from Homer's The Odyssey book. Please be as descriptive as possible and write at least 3 pages. Thank you.
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