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Title: Florida State Agency Class Action Suit

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1030 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: You have recently been employed with a Florida state agency as an assistant in the human resources department. Your boss comes to you and explains that several department directors, who are considered "excluded career service employees," have sent an inter-office memorandum to the governor threatening a class-action lawsuit. The memorandum indicates that the directors have been required to regularly work more than 40 hours a week, and because they are excluded career service employees, they are not subject to receiving overtime. They further indicate that they believe that there is a Florida Administrative Code that speaks to this very issue, which authorizes compensation in the form of compensatory leave (comp time) as opposed to pay if they work more than 40 hours a week. However, they have not been given any compensatory leave for voluminous amounts of time worked over their 40-hour workweek for the last several years.

Your boss then instructs you to research the issue and prepare a research paper addressing the following issues:

1) Are the directors' complaints about not receiving compensatory time valid? Be specific as to why or why not.

2) If the complaints are valid, what Florida Administrative code addresses the issue? Explain in detail how it does or does not apply.

3) What should the agency be doing in the future to comply with the Florida Administrative code?

4) If the directors' complaints are valid, what should the agency do to make things "right" to avoid litigation?

double-spaced, paginated, 12pt, times roman, paper should include abstract page. a proper Introduction, which describes the focus and purpose of the paper you are writing. It also gives an overview of what is contained in the paper's various sections 2) Discussion section (the body of the paper) 3) Conclusions and 4) Reference page.

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Essay Instructions: Week 3 - Statement of Ethics and Rationale
Select a business organization to complete an assignment on ethical considerations in the current business environment.

Research changes in the company or its policies over the last 10 years.

Determine how changes were influenced by the most recent recession and assess the ethical issues related to the decisions made by the company or policymakers.

Research statements of ethics for various business and political groups.

Assume the role of a senior staff member of the chosen company or policymaking group and consider the following scenario:

Starting in 2007, the United States economy fell into a large-scale recession due to a lack of liquidity in the US banking system related to a global real estate bubble collapse. Significant risk has caused government and business leaders to review legal and ethical issues related to financial and business practices. As a senior staff member at the chosen company or policymaking group, you must analyze the influences of ethics and legal exposure to the organization and providing advice to the management.

Create a 350- to 700-word statement of ethics in which you provide an outline of the organization?s ideals as well as the rules employees are expected to follow for your chosen company or policymaking group.

Write a 500- to 750-word memorandum to the CEO or president of your chosen organization.

? Describe the process by which this statement of ethics should be reviewed and revised.

? Consider the public nature of this document and how stakeholders, competitors, and other interested parties may receive and react to it.

? Consider management hierarchies and how this information is to be disseminated through your organization and to the public.

? Support your choice and the advice given with findings from your readings and research.

Note. Submit one paper with two separate sections. The first section must include the Statement of Ethics and the second section must include the memorandum to the CEO or President.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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Title: parental custody case

Total Pages: 4 Words: 970 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: you’ll be presented with a parental custody case, a list of relevant facts, and the testimonies of
two expert witnesses. You’ll need to research the law in your own jurisdiction regarding factors used to determine custody. Then, you’ll write two memorandums, one for each of the opposing sides, applying the law you found to the facts of the case.

You should know the following information about the case. The Participants Sally Bright asked her husband, John, to move out temporarily due to marital difficulties. After a brief separation, Sally filed for divorce and received temporary custody of their 14-year-old daughter, Chastity. John’s response to Sally’s divorce petition requested custody and the court ordered that the child have visitation with John every weekend. Nine months later, the court conducted a final hearing in thedivorce matter. Both parties still want custody of Chastity.

The Facts
Among the facts that came out during the hearing, and are
undisputed, are the following:
• Sally will be moving to another part of the country soon
to take a job.
• A psychologist that counseled Chastity about her
emotional problems testified that Chastity would
prefer to stay with her dad so that she doesn’t have
to go to a new school and make new friends.
• John has realized that he is gay and has met a male
companion who doesn’t live with John presently but
someday might.
• Chastity testified that she feels “weird” around John’s
new companion.
• John makes $125,000.00 per year and Sally’s new job in
another part of the country will pay $35,000.00.
• John has, on several occasions, physically abused Sally,
but he never did so in front of Chastity and has never
abused Chastity.
• Both parents have been actively, and almost equally,
involved in the day-to-day care of Chastity throughout
her life.

The Testimonies
There have been two separate testimonies given.Testimony of Dr. Samuel Stoller. I counseled Chastity at
the request of her father, John, who said she was having problems at school since her mother filed for divorce. Chastity clearly wants to stay in the area so she can be with her friends as she moves into high school. Given the stress of the divorce, I think it’s in Chastity’s best interest that she remains in the safe, secure environment that she is familiar with. Since her mother is moving away, Chastity should stay with her father. The fact that John is gay has no bearing,since studies show that a parent’s sexual orientation doesn’t usually affect his or her ability to be a good parent.

Testimony of Dr. Frank Edwards. I was appointed by the court to interview the parties and the child and make a recommendation regarding custody. I found that both parents were suitable custodians, but I think the better custodian would be the mother. Chastity says that she feels uncomfortable around her father’s new companion. I’m not biased against gays, but I think Chastity could be teased at school. Another factor is John’s drinking. He denied having a drinking problem, but Sally says he drinks to excess on occasion. This could be dangerous, especially if he were transporting the child while intoxicated.

The Judge
After the hearing was completed, the judge said that she was prepared to decide all of the issues except custody. She has directed both of the attorneys to submit a memorandum on the custody issue. The parties are to submit memorandums simultaneously. The judge will review the memorandums, and will then make a decision about custody.

Your first task is to take the role of a legal researcher for the attorney arguing that the mother should have custody. The first memorandum should be written from this perspective.

Your second task is to take the role of a legal researcher for the attorney arguing that the father should have custody.
The second memorandum should be written from this perspective. In your research for each memorandum, you
should check both statutes and cases, keeping in mind the facts of the case.however, you MUST use at least one source other than a source obtained through

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Final Analysis Scenario

The UMUC Final Analysis Scenario (Authentic Assessment Assignment) is designed to assess student learning on specific course-related goals. It is also designed to assess whether students are able to apply knowledge and skills gained from study in the course, as evidenced in the assigned assessment project. The assessment project objectives are tied directly to the course objectives.

The Final Analysis Scenario/Authentic Assessment Project (AAP) is a complex memorandum to an executive officer of a company. The memorandum focuses on developing, sharpening and applying critical thinking skills, in the context of recognizing, evaluating, and proposing a resolution for ethical issues that arise in managerial decision making.


The Fact Pattern for the memorandum attached to this conference.

You will draft a memorandum to a specified executive officer that identifies, discusses, and proposes a resolution for each of 3 ethical issues raised in the hypothetical fact pattern.

For each issue that you identify your discussion will

(1) present the relevant facts;

(2) explain why the issue is an ethical issue, and how legal concerns, managers? fiduciary duties, and the effects on all corporate stakeholders define the ethical issue, and direct resolution of the issue.; and

(3) provide a reasoned justification for the best resolution for both the short term and the long term.

This course involves analyzing a scenario that I will provide, identifying and discussing the relevant ethical issues, discussing any legal issues or liabilities created by or related to the scenario, and developing solutions to ethical problems.

The scenario analysis culminates in the creation of a paper in the form of a complex memorandum directed to a company executive officer discussing the ethical issues and your recommendations. The memo will show how you have developed, sharpened, and applied critical thinking skills in recognizing, evaluating, and proposing a solution to ethical problems that arise in business management.


Draft a memo to a specified executive officer that identifies, discusses, and proposes a solution to each of three ethical issues raised in the scenario.

Your analysis and memo will provide

the relevant facts of the case
the basis of each ethical issue, and how legal concerns, managers' fiduciary duties, and effects on corporate stakeholders define or relate to the issue
solutions to each ethical issue/problem
a reasoned argument for the best solutions, for both the short- and the long-term, for the company's ethical, and any related legal, problems

Support your recommendations with well-reasoned arguments and justifications. Consider alternatives and explain why your proposed solutions are better.
In your memorandum, use at least three (3) outside substantive, academic sources. These should be properly attributed with in-text citations in American Psychological Association (APA) style.
I encourage you to paraphrase (not quote verbatim) from your sources. You are required to properly attribute any ideas or language taken from your sources.

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