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Essay Instructions: Read the short story ?The Tell-Tale Heart,? (1843) by Edgar Allan Poe and the poem ?The Man He Killed,? (1902) by Thomas Hardy. Compare these two literary pieces in terms of themes & the authors? use of the literary elements in order to convey the shared theme.

Suggested Elements:
? Plot (end orientation, foreshadowing, exposition, turning point, climax, falling action, denouement, etc.)
? Plot compared to form (rhyme scheme/endstopping/enjambment): Do the two follow a standard pattern, or do they deviate in some way that is significant?
? Rhyme Types
? Symbolism
? Point of View (first/third, major/minor, omniscient/limited omniscient/objective, reliable/unreliable)
? Irony (verbal, dramatic, situational),
? Tone (writer?s attitude toward the subject)
? Diction (could be to create tone)
? Syntax (could be to create tone)
? Endstopping/Enjambment (could be to create tone)
? Alliteration (could be to create tone)

Please do not address all the elements. You just need to choose 3 elements that both these two literary pieces have. And then explore the story and poem in depth, looking at rhyme scheme (ABBA, etc.), alliteration, type(s) of rhyme (end rhyme, perfect rhyme, eye rhyme, slant rhyme), endstopping/enjambment, diction (both to create mood/tone and to use double meanings), symbolism, point of view, irony, syntax, tone, and the like.

You should come up with a clear, focused thesis that claims something both singular and specific regarding these two pieces you are exploring. For example, you can use this as a shared theme of these two pieces: Guilt can destroy a person.

Please choose only three elements of literature which I mention above and each of them fully develops a paragraph. In this paragraph, you should compare the story and the poem using the quotes from them to support your analysis.

? Do not summarize the pieces and then give your opinion of it. Support a thesis regarding shared theme & the use of the elements of literature to convey it.
? Do not use the first person pronoun ?I? anywhere in your paper.
? Although you are exploring the elements, don?t use the words ?element? or ?theme? in your analysis. In place of these words, use the ACTUAL theme and element.
? Use present verb tense in your paper; don?t let quotes lead you to switch tenses after them.
? Try to use easy words in your paper instead of hard words.
? Don?t use any outside sources. Just use the quotes from the story and poem and explain your opinion. In Works Cited, you just need to cite these two pieces.
? Place your thesis statement at the end of the introduction. For example, both authors use these 3 elements to convey a shared theme?
? In each body paragraph, you should have a topic sentence that addresses both two pieces using the element. And then fully develop each piece respectively. At the end of the paragraph, wrap up both pieces again.

Format for your paper: (Total 5 paragraphs in your essay)
Intro: (1 paragraph)
A. Brief introduction to the story & poem; include authors, titles, & year.
B. Brief introduction to the theme to be explored in the analysis
C. Transition + clear thesis: the use of the elements of literature to convey a shared theme.

Body: (You choose 3 elements, and each element fully develops a paragraph comparing the story and poem, total 3 paragraphs)
Main points that support your claim; give each its own paragraph with the following:
? Topic sentence: identify element, transition from previous element, connect to theme
? Explanation of how the element is used
? Support from the story and poem, and both quotes and references
? Thorough analysis of how/how well element conveys theme

Conclusion: (1 paragraph)
Conclude the shared theme and its relevance of these two pieces. Final statement that makes the purpose and relevance of the analysis clear; leave the reader thinking about the issue/theme and how it relates to him/her. Try to leave a message for the reader to think.

Please follow the outline to write your paper:
I. Intro
A. Attention-getter
B. Brief synopsis of each work: Include authors, titles, and years of each piece
C. Thesis statement: Specific, focused claim about the pieces of literature. You must address a shared theme and the use of the same literary elements to convey the theme.
II. Body
A. Topic sentence that identifies main point:
1. Explanation:
2. Support (Quotes from the two pieces respectively):
3. Reflection/Analysis (This is particularly effective because?; This shows?):
B. Topic sentence that identifies main point:
1. Explanation:
2. Support (Quotes from the two pieces respectively):
3. Reflection/Analysis (This is particularly effective because?; This shows?):
C. Topic sentence:
1. Explanation:
2. Support (Quotes from the two pieces respectively):
3. Reflection/Analysis (This is particularly effective because?; This shows?):
III. Conclusion
Comment on the shared theme. See if you can make the theme relevant to readers today and leave your reader thinking.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Critical Analysis of Poetry

Total Pages: 2 Words: 965 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The textbook is:
Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, 6th Edition.

The poem is: The Man He Killed, p. 673

Elements of Poetry
Critical Response #2

TASK: Objectively analyze how two critical elements of poetry reflect the theme of one of the poems you read for homework. You must select at least two elements of poetry to focus your paper. (For example, speaker and tone; imagery and symbol; form and mood, among other combinations)

AUDIENCE: Academic w/ English expertise

DICTION: Semiformal to Formal

FORMAT: Response must be typed, double-spaced, with MLA pagination and header.
engaging title
well-developed introduction w/explanation of theme and elements
1 - 3 body paragraphs with smooth transitions between and within
use of textual support with proper documentation and smooth integration
use of poetic diction throughout your analysis
well-developed conclusion with engaging concluding appeal

LENGTH: 250 - 350 words

CREDIT: 50 points


1. Select a poem; choose two elements of poetry to focus your critical perspective on.
2. Then create a thesis statement showing how the elements work together to reflect the poem''s theme. 3. Be sure to select sufficient quotations from the text to prove your analysis is valid. You should not quote entire stanzas. Plus, you should not quote more than two lines at a time, but you will choose words or concise phrases that act as evidence to support your thesis. Use parenthetical references; cite poetry by the line number the text appears in, according to MLA Format.
4. DO NOT start or end a paragraph with a quotation; every time you quote the text, you must analyze it in your own words and provide the connection from that example to what you say in your thesis.
5. Your introduction and conclusion should be well-developed and avoid trite expressions; in addition, no material from the poem should be quoted in either paragraph.

Excerpt From Essay:

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