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Title: Feminist Literature Early American female writes authors characters from the colonists through the early 19th century

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Essay Instructions: Explore and critically evaluate themes such as: feminism, the rise of the ?New Woman,? and domesticity, as well as, the history, status, and experiences of American women as seen through the lens and pen of early American female writes/authors/characters (from the colonists through the early 19th century).
How do novels like Ruth Hall, and Charlotte Temple and writing(s) by authors like Harriet Breecher Stow, Margaret Fuller, and Sojourn Truth epitomize American woman of the era while sparking controversy and enacting social change by helping women transcend gender restrictions (limited by a patriarchal point of view) despite social norms.
Use specific examples from the texts, as well as scholarly sources, and critical theory texts like, Christine Ross? ?Logic, Rhetoric, And Discourse in the Literary Texts of Nineteenth-Century Women,? and the first chapters of Gilbert and Gubar's The Madwoman in the Attic.

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