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Title: History

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Essay Instructions: Hi, I need to a book review of Michael Shaar''s Book THE KILLER ANGELS. The book review must be an analysis of the book and include what Shaar means by "Killer Angel". The paper must be 5 full pages not including the citation page.

Introduction. The introductory paragraph of your critique identifies the author, full title, publisher, and edition of the book (e.g., 2000, 1999, 1971, etc.). Your introduction also includes your thesis sentence and the topics you will cover in your review.

Your thesis. Identify the writer?s central idea/argument. Look for the bottom line?i.e., the author?s fundamental argument. Your thesis sentence is a clear, concise sentence, which evaluates the book. In your thesis, state how effectively the writer portrayed his thesis. In this case, identify how well the author portrayed his thesis. This is critical, since a well-written thesis sentence will focus your paper. Consult a writing guide, if you have problems writing a thesis. Develop your own thesis, a one-sentence assessment (evaluation) of the book?s main points. Insert your thesis in your introductory paragraph. Example: Robert F. Kennedy?s Thirteen Days superbly conveys President Kennedy?s decisionmaking process during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which challenged the Soviet introduction of missiles in Cuba and ultimately resolved the crisis short of war. Note that by stating ?superbly conveys,? this thesis sentence evaluates the author?s book.

The body of your review will include the historic significance, author?s thesis, author?s assumptions, type of evidence (e.g. primary or secondary sources, interviews of eye-witnesses or leaders, documents, photographs, character analyses, etc.), analysis of the author?s main points, assessment, and parenthetical citations. You may use quotations, but the bulk of your paper must be your own words. Note that this requirement calls for you to analyze, rather than narrate, your book.

Analysis of the author''s thesis and main points. You may accomplish this by identifying the author?s thesis and explaining three to five main points, which support the thesis, for your analysis and evaluation. Do not stray from these points. This is critical, since your review is an analysis, not a narration of a battle or event. In the book Killer Angels, you must identify how well Shaara portrayed his thesis regarding killer angels through three key characters?e.g., Lee, Longstreet, and Chamberlain. To do so you must state what Shaara?s definition of a killer angel is. You can phrase your thesis anyway you want with whatever adverb(s) you choose. Ensure your thesis evaluates the author?s book, preferably his thesis. Again note that Shaara portrayed his thesis regarding killer angels through his characters in the Battle of Gettysburg. This is critical, since a well-written thesis sentence will focus your paper. Consult a writing guide, if you have problems writing a thesis. Develop your own thesis, a one-sentence assessment (evaluation) of the book?s main points. Insert your thesis in your introductory paragraph.

Assessment of how well the writer develops his thesis. Determine how well the author proves his thesis, whether it is credible, and whether it is easily understandable.

Grammar, spelling, & punctuation: Proofread thoroughly. Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Avoid personal pronouns?e.g., I, we, and us. Avoid sentence fragments. Consult a writing guide if you have problems in these areas.

Quotation marks. Use quotation marks and a parenthetical citation for any exact words from any source. One may interpret failure to do this as plagiarism, which results in a heavy penalty. Check your review thoroughly to ensure your documentation is correct.

Parenthetical citations. Use parenthetical citations in lieu of footnotes or endnotes to identify the key points, quotes, paraphrases, as well as any other informational sources you use in your review, which are not your own. If you merely paraphrase, you must document your source or sources using one or more parenthetical references--e.g., (Shaara 15).

Conclusion. Summarize your thesis and your main points in a paragraph of at least 3 sentences in length.

Works Cited page. Include a works cited page citing the book and any additional sources you used. You may consult other paper-based and online sources for background on the topic as long as the sources are scholarly and reputable. Avoid using an encyclopedia as one of your sources. Remember: cite all your sources, since you are writing a scholarly book review. Italicize or underline the titles of books.

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Title: The Killer Angels

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Essay Instructions: I need a custom 5 page book review On The Killer Angels " The Classic Novel of The Civil War" by Michael Shaara. I would like the review to reflect the authors thesis. What occurred each day? Discuss the most interesting characters? Which I would like the focus to be chamberlain and Longstreet. With discussion on Longstreet and Lee relationship. I do not need a book report just a review that in detail discuss 2-3 major events. The only reference material needed is the book.

If more information or time is needed to properly process the request please let me know. Thank you

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Essay Instructions: Analysis Paper

The Killer Angels

a) It is clearly focused on a thematic question in which you discuss one of the core issues in the book, and it begins with a clearly stated summary of that theme [that is a summary of your answers to one of the thematic questions below.
Themes to consider:
2.According to Shaara, what factors accounted for Union victory and Confederate defeat at Gettysburg? What were the positive steps and fatal errors, and why did they occur?
b)It provides evidence or examples from the book that either support your thesis or illustrate your interpretation. Because you are examining only one book in this exercise, you may use the MLA method of citing your evidence, but you must show me where you found your evidence [i.e. with the page number in parentheses after the relevant passage]. Do not overload the paper with direct quotations, since that has the effect of making Michael Shaara write the paper for you. Paraphrase or summarize to show me you understood what he wrote, and cite the source of what you are summarizing.

c)It evaluates the book. In an evaluation that is truly analytical, it is not enough to say, simply, that it was well written and you enjoyed it very much. An analytical assessment explains how the book functions or fails to function. It requires more thought. For your evaluation, I suggest that you consider the following issue.
It is very important to remember that Killer Angels is a novel. It is a carefully researched novel, and the descriptions of combat and tactics are quite accurate. But it is still a work of fiction in which Shaara imagines what the characters might have thought or said; it is not a work of history. I would like you to think about whether that matters. Does a work of historical fiction serve useful purposes? If so, what are they? Are there dangers involved in presenting the past in fictional form? What makes a historical novel useful to students of history, and does Shaara’s work meet your criteria?

I will grade your papers according these criteria:
A = Paper has a clear theme and a strong body of evidence that supports the theme. It is logical in its organization and written with correct language, grammar and spelling.
B = Paper is well-organized and written with correct style, grammar and spelling, but it lacks a clear theme or strong supportive evidence.
C = Paper is poorly organized and lacks a theme and/or sufficient supportive evidence, but it is correct in style, grammar, and spelling.
D = Paper lacks theme, evidence, and organization and suffers frequent mechanical errors.

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Title: The Killer Angels Book

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Essay Instructions: Bibliographical citation
main thesis

Who are the killer Angels?
Why did the confederates fight ?
Why did north fight?
Is Long Steet Corect about tactics during the battle?

Did the author prove the main thesis
was this book effective
what kindds of sources were used in writing the book

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