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Instructions for The House On Mango Street College Essay Examples

Title: Any topic or theme from The House on Mango Street

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Essay Instructions: Source Material: The House on Mango Street


Select a topic or theme addressed by The House on Mango Street (for example, gender, class, physical space, the body...the list is long and varied) and identify and analyze how the novel constructs an argument on that topic. This prompt will require you to conduct a close reading of the text, focusing on The House on Mango Street’s method of argument.
With this prompt, you will be entering the academic conversation by making your own argument about how the House on Mango Street might be interpreted. Your thesis statement should present an argument which locates and analyzes an argument you locate in the novel. You’ll need to use direct citations from the text to back up your claims. You might find that outside sources will help you with your analysis of the novel’s argument; you are welcome to use these sources in addition to your own analysis.

The paper should be organized around a central thesis statement which makes a clear argument in response to the prompt.

Your intended audience is a group of college-level readers who are familiar with the novel. You may assume that they appreciate it as a work of literature. Your goal is to make them aware that the novel can be perceived as a work that advances an argument. You want your readers to take you seriously. Your paper must provide good evidence that you understand the novel and that you have studied argument.

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Title: Short Story Analysis

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Essay Instructions: No sources are needed for this essay. (no Works Cited)..

The purpose of this paper is to analyze a short story by Sandra Cisneros called The House On Mango Street. (I will send a fax of this short story to the number provided because I dont have a scanner at the moment). You will analyze the theme as it is developed in the story, demonstrating how the theme is developed(central idea) via five elements as followed: 1.point of view 2.character 3.settings 4.tone and style 5. theme...Also, (Thesis statement should answer a How or Why question in one sentence that explains the main connections among the short story elements).

Fulfillment of assignment requirements:

Introduction engages and prepares academic audience for essay and provides a brief summary of the story plot; Conclusion does not merely repeat thesis but provides audience with a sense of closure/resolution/significance of the theme as developed in the story.

Organization: clear thesis statement(at the end of introduction paragraph) embodies overall essay with several clearly supporting, well-developed and coherent paragraphs, clear transitions as needed.

Insightful and Critical analysis: essay demonstrates insight and critical thinking and gives the reader a sense of discovery; discussion goes beyond the obvious.

Analysis of story carefully considers and skillfully weaves together all elements of a short story analysis without merely listing them in a `report` style.

Diction: idiomatic, precise, and effective word choices, avoiding wordiness.

Writing conventions/mechanics: demonstrates correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mechanics. Please use 3rd voice for writing. All of the above are the expectation for this paper. ( I will fax the story via fax)

Thank You.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Other See additional specifications

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Essay Instructions: Analyze 5 symbols from the novel: The House on Mango Street by Cisneros.
Write a typed explanation for each of the 5 symbols (at least 2 paragraphs per each symbol).
The typed explanation should include:
-a brief description of the symbol
-an analysis of what each element of the symbol represents
-how the symbol relates to the story as a whole
-what the author's motives are for including the symbol. (If its archetypal, explain the symbol's universal significance)

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Title: The House on Mango Street Struggle for Self Definition

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Essay Instructions: Book: The House on Mango Street

Write about the theme of search for self-definition. There should be quotes from the book.

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