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Title: The House of the Spirits

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Essay Instructions: updated order!

The book is "The House of the Spirits" by Isabel Allende. The CRITIQUE should critically analyze the book and should include the following:
a)main thesis or argument, or, if novel, theme, main characters and what they represent. this is important, because it is a novel.
b)other important information
c)strengths of the book
d)weaknesses of the book
e)comparison with/evaluation of work by: Harry, Vanden and Gary Prevost "Politics of Latin America, the Power Game"
f)your own evaluation (min of 30% of paper)

when i ordered my essay i made a mistake on part a). it should actually be: a) main thesis or argument, or, if novel, theme, main characters and what they represent. this is important, because it is a novel.

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Essay Instructions: Assignment must be a comparative study, based on the two sources ("The House of the Spirits": by Isabel Allende and "One Hundred Years of Solitude": by Gabriel Garcia Marquez). I must be betwen 1000-1500 words in length or three pages for this order.


Select an aspect of the two World Literature works for the assignment. The aspect selected must focus on some pertinent link between the two works listed above and may reflect the interests of the writer.

The topic chosen which focuses on an aspect of the two works
are: "portayal of society in the literature studied."


The assignment must be a cogent piece of writing and should include some introductory and concluding remarks consistent with the conventions of writing in a literary essay.
Although the main body need not consist of a formal expositon and deveropment of the ideas, it should constitute a reasoned argument.


The introduction could be, for example, a brief statement of the aims of the assignment.
The main body should reveal the writer's insight into the works and appreciation of the chosen link between the works. A variety of methods is acceptable including, for example, Socratic Dialogue, interview, or a formal developement of ideas as in an essay.
The conclusion could be, for example, a brief summary and personal evaluation of the discussion or the particular achievement of the writing.


Choosing a topic - you don't want to be too broad or too specific. A good topic creates something to talk about, but not everything.

Clear subtopic - The reader should be able to create an ouline format for the paper, and every secondary idea should clearly relate to and support the thesis/topic.

Into, through and beyond approach should be utilized.

Integrated and diversified citations - Each subtopic shuld be supported by a variety of quotes of varying lengths. Some citations hould be pharases or one or two words integrated into already exising sentences and some wil be longer citations introduced by some sort of lead with appropriate punctuation. Avoid the gigantic "ONE QUOTE WONDER"!

Punctuation -

Commas - Use them to set off non-essetnial information that could be dropped with changing the main idea of a sentence.

Semicolons - Use between independent clauses not linked by coordinating conjuctions, and in a series when the items contain commas.

Colons - Use to introduce a list, an elaboration of what was just said or the formal expression of a rule or principle.

Dashes - Use dashes or parentheses to enclose a sentice elecment that intrrupts the train of thought.

Althoughthe main body does not need to consist of a formal exposition and developement of ideas. Since a formal essay is often written here, there is a tendency to write sociological or anthropological essays rather than liternary ones. So, careful consideration should be given to the following:

Topic: writer should mark or list quotations and incidents from these works that can be used to suport argument/ideas.

Genre: different cultures, time, or genres the writer must be aware of in the two works.

Choice: What has the author choen to do and what are the effects of those choices?

Structure: How ahs the plot (not story) been constructed? Is there a linear or chronological developemnt or are there flashbacks? Are there subplots? Show importnt/effective is the ending? Has everything been revealed by end or are there unanswered questionsl? Does this matter? What period of time has been covered? Is it important?

Consider Point of view and character: From whose point of view is the sotry told?Is there one main protagonist or several main characters? Are there any minor ones? How are they represented: by description, implication, actions or thoughts or by a mixture of techniques.

Setting: THis includes cultural as wel as geographical and historical setting.

Imagery and Symbolism: any foreshadowing, clothers, dectiption, syntas, etc. can all be used to show how a the writer has conveyed his ideas.

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Title: Mona Lisa Smile: Gender Differences in Film

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Essay Instructions: Choose a movie from the list given and write a 3-4 critical analysis paper of that movie from a gendered perspective based on the concepts of "gender construction", "gender and race", "women and citizenship", "representation of female bodies and image" and "gender and violence". Any of these concepts can be used if related to the movie. This assignment is a part of women's studies so the essay should focus on how the movie or any reference used in the essay relates to women's studies. Other references like advertisements, movies, books, journals can be used.

12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margin

1. Agora (2009) LAC

2. All about my mother (1999) LAC

3. Boys Don?t Cry (1999) NETFLIX

4. Caramel (2007) Google Play

5. Frida (2002) LAC

6. Milk of Sorrow (2009) LAC

7. Mona Lisa Smile (2003) NETFLIX

8. Real Women Have Curves (2002) LAC

9. Skin (2008) NETFLIX

10. The Color Purple (1985) Google Play

11. The Hours (2002) NETFLIX

12. The House of the Spirits (1993) LAC

13. The World Unseen (2007) NETFLIX

14. The Help (2011) Google Play

15. Thelma & Louise (1991) NETFLIX

Excerpt From Essay:

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