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Essay Instructions: Project for this course will be like the end of a hero?s journey: sharing wisdom with your audience. In fact, you?ll be writing from the point of view of a life-coach?like you, someone who has learned ways to have a successful journey. You will be asked to choose a person who can benefit from the lessons of the hero?s journey and then apply those steps for the person?s betterment.

Components and Directions:

A life-coach is someone who offers guidance to another person. This type of relationship is seen in every culture around the globe. The term ?mentor? is just expressed in different ways, such as guru, teacher, life coach, elder, and others. Usually, someone will seek the guidance of a mentor and ask for help, or sometimes a person may notice another who could use some guidance and offer his or her assistance. After all, we all have our strengths and areas of expertise where we can offer our gifts to others who may be struggling. The final project for this course asks you to imagine a scenario where you are a mentor to someone else. You can choose the person you will mentor. You can be a professional mentor, such as in the workplace or in a career situation like being an exercise and nutrition specialist who is helping someone who has health issues.

Introduction: Introduce yourself to the client in an appropriate way. What this means is if you have an established personal relationship with that person then you can be more personal in your introduction where you can tell him or her where you?d like to help out and why you think you can offer help in one area of his or her life. If you have a more professional relationship with the person, then keep the language on that level as well. No matter whether you have a personal or professional relationship with the client, you still have to write a professional, engaging plan that will motivate your client to work with you.

What is the goal?: Define the threshold you think the person needs to cross. This can be stated in terms of a goal that you think the person can achieve, and explain why reaching this goal is important to him or her. How will it benefit him or her? Explain the significance of reaching this goal.

Definition: Create an extended definition for the goal or ?cure? you think is necessary for this person. For instance, if you are offering exercise and nutritional advice, offer an extended definition for health or wellness or even nutrition.

Long-term Effects: What are the long-term effects of this goal or cure? Think down the road and offer a thorough explanation of how working toward and achieving this goal is going to help this person out in the future.

Conclusion: End this expository essay with more positive input and inspiration for this person. Offer some final closing remarks that are thoughtful and will motivate this person to want to work with you. You can think in terms of your strengths and what you have to offer or reiterate how this goal will help this person in their life.


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Essay Instructions: Comparing Heroes
A major theme that we have discussed in this class has been the idea of the hero in different cultures, and how these different heroes compare to one another. In this first question, choose one hero from each of two different cultures. First, explain what each shows you about the definition of a hero in that culture. Then, compare and contrast the two heroes with one another: do the sort of ?hero? each represents have more similarities or more differences, and what are these similarities or differences?

Your response should be 250-400 words long; use specific examples where possible. Please remember the requirement to use heroes from different cultures; you may not, for example, compare a hero from the Iliad with a hero from the Odyssey, or heroes from two African tales.

Links to readings:
Links to Readings:
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The Odyssey
Oedipus the King
Eastern Tales
King Arthur
Canterbury Tales
The Prince
Gassire?s Lute

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Title: Please see Additional specifications

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Essay Instructions: Please have Writergrrl101 write my paper, thank you.

For the second short paper, your task is to design, define, and defend your idea of the hero using the short stories and poems we’ve covered for November 6. You may also include your analysis of Oedipus for this paper. In order to make your concept of the hero clear, you may want to consider ideas such as power, courage, ambition, intellect , cultural norms and assumptions, private or emotional considerations, or even money or art. You can, of course, include any virtues (or characteristics of nobility) in your argument; just make sure you have explained your reasoning. Also feel free to look at the Greek (or Classical) concept of heroism in relation to more modern works. What does such a comparison/contrast allow you to understand about the kind of standards we apply to ourselves and other people? Remember to include your definition of the hero in your thesis (make it as detailed and specific as possible) and to support your ideas with evidence from the text. In terms of essay form, it’s fine, but not required, to use a test/match structure. In other words, I could argue that one of the characteristics of a hero is to be a self-sacrificing leader. I could then go on to test my theory in an analysis of Tennyson’s “Ulysseus.” How would my theory apply to a king who sees his people as a “savage race”?

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Title: Compare and show a Hero's journey Joseph Campbell in a movie such as Hancock

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Essay Instructions: This essay is to show the path of a "Hero's journey" like it is outline by American scholar Joseph Campbell in a movie. I picked the movie Hancock with Will Smith but if the writer(Denise Day requested please) has a different movie she/he wants to use please let me know. I will send(upload) the outline of the hero information immediately. Please use very simple English in the writing of the essay. Again the writer can choose a different movie but, please make it a HS boy type of movie and send me a note letting me know. Thank you. Julie
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