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Title: Literature

Total Pages: 2 Words: 682 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The name of the short story is The Guest by Albert Camus

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Title: Alienation in The Guest and A Soldiers Home

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Essay Instructions: Greetings, A? need a literary analysis essay which discuss "alienation theme" in these stories : " The Guest" (Albert Camus) and " A soldier's home" ( Ernest Hemingway) We should COMPARE these two stories according to alienation theme( both self alienation and social alienation) Our professor said that the essay order should be like this:

1) A?ntroduction paragraph: Definitions of alienation from 2 different sources ( please note that definitions of alienation should be based academic work, for example "definition of alienation according to Karl Marx" )

2) First body paragraph: self alienation in The Guest and A Soldiers Home( Compare : differences and similarities)

3) Second body paragraph: social alienation in The Guest and A Soldiers home ( Compare: differences and similarities)

4) conclusion

We need quotations from the texts in order to prove our statements. Showing evidence from the stories is neccessary.

PLEASE USE a simple language, avoid using deep expressions, complex sentences.

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Title: Albert Camus The Guest

Total Pages: 1 Words: 366 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Read:
Albert Camus:
? ?The Guest?

? A 250-word response to the following questions

Which do you think is more important: adherence to societal rule or individual choice?

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Essay Instructions: Carla Boyne operates a catering company that serves food and beverages at parties and business functions. One of the major events Boyne?s customers request is a cocktail party. She offers a standard cocktail party and has estimated the cost per guest as follows:

Food and beverages?????????????.$ 15.00
Labor (.5hrs @10.00/hr)??..????????? 5.00
Overhead cost (.5hrs @13.98/hr)..???.????. 6.99
Total cost per guest????????????.? 26.99

The standard cocktail party last three hours and Boyne hires one worker for every six guest, so that works out to one-half hour of labor per guest. These workers are hired only as needed and are paid only for the hours they actually work.

When bidding on cocktail parties, Boyne adds a 15% markup to yield a price of about 31.00 per guest. She is confident about her estimates of the costs of food and beverages and labor but is not as comfortable with the estimate of overhead cost. The 13.98 overhead cost per labor?hour was determined by dividing total overhead expenses for the last 12 months by total labor?hours for the same period. Monthly data concerning overhead costs and labor?hours follow:

Month Labor Overhead
Hours Expense
January 2,500 55,000
February 2,800 59,000
March 3000 60,000
April 4200 64,000
May 4500 67,000
June 5500 71,000
July 6500 74,000
August 7500 77,000
September 7000 75,000
October 4500 68,000
November 3100 62,000
December 6500 73,000
Total 57,600 805,000 *** (Use the High / Low Method) ***

Boyne has received a request to bid on a 180?guest fund-raising cocktail party to be given next month by an important local charity. (The party would last the usual three hours) She would like to win this contract because the guest list for this charity event includes many prominent individuals that she would like to land as future clients. Boyne is confident that these potential customers would be favorably impressed by her company?s services at the charity event.


1. Estimate the contributions to profit of standard 180-guest cocktail party if Boyne charges her usual price of 31.00 per guest (in other worlds by how much would her overall profit increase?)

2. How low could Boyne bid for the charity event in terms of a price per guest and still not lose money on the event itself?

3. The individual who is organizing the charity?s fund raising event has indicated that he has already received a bid under 30.00 for another catering company. Do you think Boyne should bid below her normal 31.00 per guest price for the charity event? Why or why not?

4. Contact a company that is in business of catering. Find out if the pricing is reasonable for a cocktail party? Has the recession had any influence on the number of events they have served in the last year? Has the recession caused them to use fewer servers during functions? Do they expect the catering business in improve or decline in the next 12 months?

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