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Title: Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1398 References: 4 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper is to be written as if I am an Environmental Lobbyist....Class instructions follow

Learning goals:

Scientific concepts; research; data gathering, analysis and interpretation; modeling; planning; critical evaluation using the scientific method; written communication.

For this part of the assignment, each student will write a 5-page paper (see Writing Expectations) to be submitted on-line, using the link below. For this assignment, there are two added requirements for resources:

At least two of the references utilized must have been published within the six months prior to the date of the first residency.
The resources cited must include at least two that are not obtained online (not including the textbook).
A word of caution: the literature is extensive in this area. Students will need to gauge their progress and the depth of their research. Keep an eye on the assignment requirements and the questions you need to answer. If you have any concerns or questions please contact the instructor as soon as possible.

The following are the required areas to address in your research paper:

What is the greenhouse effect and why is it important?
Explain the scientific process involved
What is global warming and how is it related to the greenhouse effect?
Explain the scientific concepts of global warming
What is the evidence/data to support that this is actually happening?
What is the most probable cause of global warming?
What evidence is key to determining the cause?
What is the link to human activity causing or accelerated global warming? What is the key evidence (remember the scientific method...)?
What are the key counter arguments (i.e. data, evidence, theories that human activity is not a significant factor)?
Critical evaluation of the scientific investigations into global : data gathered, scientific concepts, models and 'conclusions' reached:
Remember to consider the scientific method. Is it being following? Explain?
What are models and how are they used for global warming?
After this investigation and analysis, what is your 'bottom-line' on global warming? What can we do about it? What are the main options/alternatives and their pros/cons?
What is your actionable recommendation and rationale?
Scientific/technological solution as the major part or all of your recommendation is required.
Dsicuss the science involved (this is, after all, a science course) in your recommendation
Other components are certainly OK and likely appropriate.
Although it can include more research, education or conservation/reducing energy usage as minor components, these cannot constitute the majority of the proposal.
What is the biggest risk of a problem should your recommendation actually be implemented?
Are there any key risks to the success of your recommendation?
Address opposing views and why yours the best solution?
Keep in mind that no one will be able to dictate the solution, so each paper and discussion point will have to convince others to agree to the recommendation and implementation plan. Also, remember, you are playing a role.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: 1. Add your two-cents worth to the debate over global warming. Do some online research and answer the following questions:
- What is the Greenhouse Effect? What gases are involved?
- How are global warming and the Greenhouse Effect related?
- How is the concept of global warming related to human activity? What are the human sources of greenhouse gases?
- What are some of the possible consequences of global warming, if it were to occur as laid out in moderate prediction? (consequences may be good, bad, or both)
- What evidence is there to support the argument for global warming?
- What evidence is there that global warming is not really occurring?

Here are some websites to get you started (feel free to use others also):

o Include a list of at least 5 internet sources that you used. No more than two of your cited sources can be from my list of suggested ?starter? sites.
o Your write-up must be at least 2 full pages (double spaced, 12 point font). This does not include the list of sources cited.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Environmental Issues

Total Pages: 2 Words: 658 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Read this chapter and watch “An Inconvenient Truth” before answering these questions.

1 Explain the greenhouse effect. What are the most important greenhouse gases?

2. What calamities do scientists predict may result from global warming? Name at least three possible consequences to human health.

3. Go to a newspaper website (e.g., or and search for a story on global warming. Paraphrase the article in a few sentences. Be sure and correctly cite your source. “According to an article published in the Denver Post February 2, 2007, a group of leading climate scientists proclaimed that human activities have warmed the climate. Furthermore, it may be too late to stop this processs…” Then include a reference citation that contains authors name (date), article title in quotation marks, date your retrieved the story, and the Web address.

4. Many scientists view global warming as one of the most pressing concerns facing humanity (and a much bigger threat than terrorism). What steps can individuals take to reduce greenhouse gases? (Both your text and the end of “Inconvenient Truth” provide ideas. See if you can personalize those suggestions, and maybe come up with some of your own. Be as specific as you can. Also, suggest changes that you can actually do – replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents vs. buying a hybrid gas-electric car. )

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: earth science info age and technology

Total Pages: 14 Words: 5138 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Here are several essays I need help with....the subjects will be listed above the directions for each as well as the length of each.

Answer each of the assignment questions below as completely as possible. MAKE SURE TO USE PROPER CITATION....300 WORDS LONG

1. Complete the following: (a) Describe the characteristics and movements of normal faults and reverse faults. (b) Compare and contrast reverse faults and thrust faults. (c) Differentiate between dip-slip faults and strike-slip faults. Include in each of these answers examples of the types of faults you are discussing.

2. Compare and contrast (a) anticlines and synclines, (b) domes and basins, and (c) anticlines and domes.

3. Discuss the geologic time scale. Name and describe the life forms that lived during each subdivision.

4. Explain the difference between relative geologic age-dating and numerical (absolute) geologic age-dating. Include examples of techniques. Indicate which method is more useful in dating igneous (volcanic) rocks and which method is more useful in dating sedimentary (layered) rocks, and explain why.

Answer each of the assignment questions below as completely as possible.

1. Discuss the topographic features of the ocean floor.

2. Discuss biogenous, hydrogenous, and terrigenous seafloor sediments. List examples of each type.

3. Discuss the major oceanic current systems. Which factors seem to be involved in producing them?

4. What is the average salinity of the ocean? Where do the elements in sea salt come from? Describe the processes that affect seawater salinity. For each process, indicate whether water is added or removed and if it decreases or increases salinity.

Answer each of the assignment questions below as completely as possible.

1. Compare and contrast the concepts of weather and climate. In which ways are they similar? In which ways are they different? Briefly describe how climates are classified.

2. Name and describe the forms and heights of clouds.

3. Discuss maritime tropical (mT), maritime polar (mP), continental tropical (cT), and continental polar (cP) air masses. Where do they originate? What type of weather do they usually indicate?

4. Discuss the greenhouse effect. Compare and contrast the greenhouse effect on Venus, Earth, and Mars.

4. General EARTH SCIENCE WA-5.....300 WORD MIN LONG...
Answer each of the assignment questions below as completely as possible.

1. Discuss the structure, or composition, of the sun. What are sunspots? How do they affect human activities?

2. Complete the following: (a) Describe main-sequence stars. (b) Compare and contrast dwarfs and giants as they pertain to stars in our galaxy.

3. What is a black hole? Why does no light escape from its surface?

4. Discuss the two groups of planets: Jovian and terrestrial. Explain the differences between the two types. Identify the planets in each group and provide a key fact about each planet.

Nearly everyone has done an Internet search, but what clues are provided about the results of a search? Written Assignment 2 focuses on determining the difference between what evaluative and assessment information is provided by an Internet search using a search engine (such as and a search using a library subscription database of professional and juried articles. To begin work on the assignment, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Use your favorite search engine to look for Internet sources on privacy and security on the Internet.

2. Using EBSCO's Academic Search Premier database, do a Basic Search for articles on privacy and security on the Internet.

3. Using the evaluative criteria described in the assigned reading for module 2, your own assessment of the efficiency of your search, and the quality of the information retrieved, write a 300-word essay describing what search methods and tools you found most useful and why.

Using the articles you have read for this module, and other articles you may have read on cyberspace privacy and security, write a 500-word essay on what you believe to be the greater threat to the nation??"cyber crime directed against individuals or terrorist cyber attacks on national institutions. Provide your opinion on whether the United States is active enough in countering these threats.

Write an essay of approximately 600 words discussing (1) your educational or career school and law enforcement.... and how mastery of information technology has already enabled you to reach those goals, and (2) how the rapid changes in technology, in particular Web 2.0, have affected or will affect these goals in the future. Be sure to explain to the reader how and why you arrived at these educational or career goals. Reflect on the readings for module 4 and give specific examples of the ways in which information technology has enabled or fostered these goals.
olitical news tends to change very rapidly, and the readings for this module may be somewhat outdated. Using search engines and the EBSCO databases, find at least three sources with current views or opinions, and write a 600-word paper on one (1) of the following topics (not both!):

Topic 1??"The impact of Web-based communication on elections and political policy making.
Topic 2??"The advantages, disadvantages, and impact of electronic voting systems.

Based on what this course and your own experience have taught you about emerging technologies and about changing economic, political, or climatological environments, write a 450-word essay that describes what you believe the future will bring and how it will affect your personal and family lifestyle. Do not use science fiction films, games, TV shows, or cartoons as your sources of information.

Write a documented paper of 600 words in which you:

1. Identify the career goals for which you are preparing.
2. Describe the most likely ways in which technological developments will affect those career goals, in both the short- and long-term future.
3. Develop an educational plan to help you reach those goals.

11. AMERICAN HISTROY 2-wa5.........pick any two out of the 3.....300 words long
Answer any two (2) of the following questions.

1. As far as Vietnam is concerned, how did President Johnson "Americanize" the war? What was Nixon's policy of Vietnamization? Was anything achieved at the peace talks? What are the legacies of the Vietnam defeat?
2. Describe and explain the development and the results of the conservative resurgence in American politics and culture that occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
3. What were the effects of the end of the Cold War on American foreign policy, and why did the United States go to war in Central America and the Persian Gulf? How has America tried to define its place in the new world order?

Excerpt From Essay:

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