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Title: social reform

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Essay Instructions: will be faxing all information to you tomorrow 4/29/2005
please follow these instructions carefully....I will really appreciate it....the three movies/books will be using are:

The Green Mile
The Hurricane
Shawshank Redemption

social issue - being accused of a crime....because of the way you look/are assumed to be like
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: media analysis paper on the movie THE GREEN MILE

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Essay Instructions: 1.Analyze the world view establiched in the movie The Green Mile. Where/when is setting. Who are the participants? What ideologies, values, cultural myths, underlie this worldview? How do these elements respond to events, issues, ideologies, beliefs anxieties etc. in the social system? How does the constructed world of the text negotiate or articulate the "Zeitgeist" of thehistorical time and place of it's production?2.Analyze the politics of representation in your text. (ex. Who gets to speak. On whose behalf? Analyze how race, ethnicity, gender etc. is constructed in the network of characters/voices.3.Analyze the movie in relation to other texts of it's kind or genre. ( I have chosen the Shawshank Redemption) Are their stock plots or characters. Are their intertextual moments or aspects in the movie, does it refer to or invoke other texts, popular images jor representations of characters, communities locales? Does it affirm, resist, images, stereotypes catagories or characterizations? 4.Analyze texts as a commodity in the pop culture marketplace--find research on it's audience demographics, budgets. marketing and sales information to determine success and impact or visibility of the movie in it's time or since then. Whose interests were served in the production, marketing and reception of the text?

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Title: characters situations

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Essay Instructions: In viewing films, we meet characters who are faced with different situations. These situations allow the character to develop. Along with this development are many literary devices, sush as literary allusions, symbols, metaphors, ect Choose two characters one from the Godfather and one from The Green Mile. Discuss the abouve and decide wihs work enhanced the development of the character in a superior approach using the literary techniques. Be sure to back up your answers with at least THREE examples from EACH work.

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