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Title: The Graduate

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Essay Instructions: This is a film review of the movie, The Graduate, with Dustin HOffman and Anne Bancroft. No need for the summary because I have that already. I need to include a review on the acting, how the movie was done. Be sure to include other aspects that stood out for example, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the pacing (editing), etc.

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Title: Selecting a Path

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Essay Instructions: Lesson 4: Selecting a Path: Careers and Graduate School
Assignment : Graduate School Research
For this assignment, you will turn in the following pieces:
• A statement of purpose or answer the essay requirement in the application admissions process
• Justification for two potential references
• The graduate admission test you would need to complete and the preparation materials for it are available.
Step 1 - Visit at and Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools at to identify two graduate programs of interest. Once you identify the programs, review their application requirements.
Step 2 - Choose one of the schools to mock apply to and follow their graduate essay guidelines. If no guidelines exist, write a personal statement highlighting your interest in the program, summarizing what you have to offer the program (skills, knowledge, and experience), and communicating your short-term and long-term goals.
Step 3 - Identify two potential individuals who could write you strong letters of recommendations. Write a one page justification for each individual emphasizing why you selected them.
Step 4 - Identify what graduate admission test you will need to complete for your graduate application process. Write a one page summary of how you would prepare for the graduate admission test.
Step 5 - Write a three page reflection about what you learned from this graduate school research project. In your reflection, answer the following questions:
• What two graduate programs did you identify?
• Do you feel prepared? Why or why not?
• Do you think you would get into the graduate program? Why or why not?
• What was the most challenging aspect of the application process?
• Was it easy to identify references? Why or why not? What can you do to aid in the reference writers’ process?
Please note that the paper should be 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, and double spaced.
Follow APA guidelines in the preparation of the paper.

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Title: Personal statement essay

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Essay Instructions: How are you.

I'm a college student(senior) and majoring economics also graduating this semester. I'm going to apply for the graduate school. The school is Pace University (LUBIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS). I need a personal statement/essay for application.
The exact name of program that I'm applying is 'Accounting - CPA preparation, MBA.'

There is important thing that I am an international student so please avoid too hard vocabulary and too much complicated sentences :)

I'd like to let you know some information about me for the essay.

I am 28yrs old and I have experience that working at the prison for 2 and half years as a security guard in South Korea. During the work at prison, I also worked at administration. It was all the duty as a citizen of my country.
I got an A at accounting course.

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2. Personal statement: Send a typewritten essay explaining to the members of the Graduate Admission Committee why you would like to pursue the program of graduate study you have chosen. Additional information regarding your academic performance, as well as professional experience, may also be included in the supplement.

Thank you.

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Title: The Graduate

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Essay Instructions: this paper is to be an analysis and interpretation of the movie The Graduate. It needs to include scenic analysis and a discussion of the director's vision, focusing on at least one cinamatic element ex:film noir, femme fatale, etc.

research for this paper will include four print sources: at least one book on the director, one film journal article, and two additional cites from other books, film journals or major news sources such as the new york times, washington post, boston globe, los angeles times, etc. when quoting from the film or from articles, use quotation marks and the exact words. Direct quotes and paraphrases must be documented using MLA style.

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