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Title: Betrayal

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Essay Instructions: One theme in Arundhati Roy's novel "The God of Small Things" is that of betrayal: adults betray children, society betrays individuals, classes betray castes, children betray parents. What are the elements (character - dialogue, interior monologue, actions - imagery, setting, plots, etc.) that convey this theme? This paper needs a thesis in the end of the introduction paragraph led into by some background on the author and/or relevant material to the subject. Use each of the four types of betrayal listed as separate body paragraphs. In each body paragraph, mention a few specific instances from the story, if possible. There are others but here are a few examples 1) adults betray children- the orangedrink/lemondrink man 2) society betrays individual- Murlidharan, who is the homeless soldier 3) classes betray castes- Ammu and Velutha & Comrade Pillai and Velutha 4) children betray parents- Estha and Rahel lie to their mother. Also use quotes from the novel followed by page numbers. Analyze and relate quotes to topic sentences and thesis. I will work with the paper and make adjusments as needed, just need something to start with.

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Title: The symbolism of love in The God of all Small Things

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Essay Instructions: The essay should be based on the book "The God of Small Things" written by Arundhati Roy, and all the supporting evidence and citation should come from this book only.

Choose a subject that corresponds to the book --- The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy --- on which to focus the essay. Develop an intellectual question on this subject. The question does not need to appear in the essay since it will already be evident to the reader in the thesis, but this question will guide the essay and help you to develop a thesis.
Be sure to consider the reason that your approach to the subject is relevant and important to readers of this/these text(s). Be sure to make this relevance evident in the essay.

Important parts to focus on when writing the essay are:
- Thesis is clear and well-stated
- Introduction ??" strong and appropriate
- Transitions between paragraphs work well
- Transitions between sentences work well
- Organization of ideas flows logically
- Evidence presented well and is valid
- Conclusion pulls claims and evidence together
- MLA citations are correct; formatting guide followed
- Audience Awareness present, including use of counterarguments
- Tone is generally appropriate and consistent
- Grammar, syntax, and punctuation

The specific subject does not have to be "The symbolism of love in "The God of all Small Things"" as stated above but should preferably relate to love and the "love laws" in the book. Please be specific when identifying a subject and focus on that subject.

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Title: class struggle

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Essay Instructions: this paper should be analytical or critical in may use any of the readings from this semester as your subject are required to use MLA style documentation and must use at least two print sources in addition to the reading you are discussing (journals,books etc. NOT web pages).these sources should be scholarly in find appropriate sources, go to the AvilaLibrary web page. written an analytical paper before, you might do one the following:
*make connections between texs
*consider a particular text through the lens of an ideas or concept (feminism, marxism,etc)
*Explore a theme in a particular work
the topic needs to specific.
so our reading books for this semester are
1 the three inch golden lotus translated from chinese by David wakefild
2 the God of small things Arundhati Roy(john Berger)
3 the joys of motherhood a novel by Buchi Emecheta
4 Isabel allende the house of the spirits translated from the spanish by Magda bogin
these our reading books for this semester. so you can make two source out of these books but one must be from the reading books.
agian NOT web page please.
also I would like my writer but I forget his Name it look first litter P and some thing like y or ll I need my paper by 5/4/2011 at 2.30pm because I need to send before 6 Pm.

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